7 Vital Valheim Tips & Tricks For Beginners Starting Out

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Looking for Valheim tips? We've got you covered!

Iron Gate AB's Valheim is the hit new survival game on Steam. Set in a procedurally-generated nordic land, Valheim is all about fighting for survival against all odds.

This means you'll come up against your fair share of unusual beasts, monsters, and bosses.

Below, we've got seven of the best Valheim tips to help you prepare for whatever gets thrown at you.

Valheim Tips & Tricks

Below, we're going to run-down the following seven Valheim Tips:

  1. Watch out for Trees!
  2. Parry and Block
  3. Craft a Shield
  4. Use Map Marker
  5. Create A Spawn Point
  6. Repair, Repair, Repair
  7. Improve Your Carry Capacity

Check out below for a better-explanation as to what each tip means and how it can help you in Valheim.

Watch Out For Trees

Firstly, when you're gathering wood you have to keep an eye on the tree you're chopping.

Wood is an important part of Valheim's crafting systems and is a resource you're going to want in abundance. However, unlike other survival games, when you're chopping a tree... They fall as a real tree would.

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So, rather than just vanishing, the trunk of the tree could fall and hit you! It may seem simple but being hit by a falling tree is a real danger in Valheim.

Parry And Block

Blocking and Parrying are two important defensive skills in any melee combat game; Valheim isn't any different.

In Valheim, you can Parry and Block with pretty-much any melee weapon. This skill is bound to the RMB by default.

Valheim Tips Boss
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BOSS FIGHTS! - Blocking and Parrying is an important survival tool

Using defensive equipment, like a Shield, to Parry offers better protection and can be used to unleash devastating counter-attacks. However, if you don't have a Shield yet then you can still defend yourself with your melee weapon.

Craft A Shield

As previously mentioned, a Shield offers a fantastic degree of protection over using a melee weapon to defend yourself.

Not only can you block more damage with a Shield, but it also blocks it quicker. That means you can use it to counter the staggered enemy a lot easier than if you were blocking with an Axe, for example.

In order to craft a Wood Shield, you will need 10 Wood, 4 Resin, and 4 Leather Scraps.

It's worth noting though, that you can only Parry with a Medium Shield. A Tower Shield has a higher Block power but cannot Parry.

Use Map Markers

It is easy to get lost in an open-world game, especially a survival-based experience like Valheim.

Thankfully, there is a built-in Map Marker system that should save you from getting lost.

You can open the Map with M, and then place a Marker using one of the five icons in the bottom right.

Valheim Tips Map Markers
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MARKERS - This is what it should look like! ( Credit: IGN )

When you select the item you want to use, double click where you want to place it. You can also name these to help with navigation and delete them by right-clicking.

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Not only can you use this to mark where you've made camp, but it can also be useful if you've found somewhere you want to explore in the future!

Create A Spawn Point

Dying in Valheim really can be a pain. Like any survival game, you often lose all your progress and return to the "World Spawn Point".

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help yourself should you meet a grizzly end.

The main thing you can do is create your own spawn point. In order to do this, you'll need to place a Bed and a Campfire near one another and then sleep in the bed.

Valheim tips bed camp night
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CAMP - Using a Bed to skip the dangerous night can also be useful!

You can only create one active spawn point at a time, at the moment, however, these can be changed at any point by sleeping in another bed.

Repair, Repair, Repair

If there's one thing that can impede your progress in Valheim it's broken tools.

Thankfully, at least for now, there are no repair costs for your tools and weapons in Valheim.

Throughout the Early Access period, you won't have to worry about paying for weapon upkeep or finding that last bit of Wood to fix your Axe.


You can repair anything at a Workbench and you should always make sure everything's at max durability before stepping out on an adventure in Valheim.

Improve Your Carry Capacity

Finally, we come to Carry Capacity. This stat is often the bane of any survival gamer's existence. We've all seen that tired Pip-Boy pop up when we're over-encumbered, right?

Well, thankfully, there is a way to increase your carry capacity in Valheim. It isn't cheap, though...

Valheim Tips Haldor Carry Capacity Inventory Space
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HALDOR - He's who you need to talk to if you want to improve your Carry Weight

All you need to do is purchase the Meginjord from Haldor The Merchant.

It will cost you 950 Gold Coins, so it might take a bit of saving, however it increases your Carry Weight to 450!

These are just a few Valheim tips that should help make survival in the Nordic wilds a little easier.

Valheim is available on Steam right now as an Early Access title.

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