How to turn it all off and hide your Valheim HUD

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If you want to hide your HUD while playing Valheim you're in luck! It's surprisingly easy.

Valheim's procedurally-generated Viking-inspired landscapes are as beautiful as they are dangerous.

Usually, the HUD will show you your items on the left, your mini-map on the right, and a whole host of other icons to help you navigate.

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Whether you're looking for a challenge, a more immersive experience, or help taking screenshots... We have all the information you need to know about hiding the HUD on Valheim.

How To Hide The HUD

It's surprisingly simple to actually hide the HUD while you're playing Valheim.

Like a lot of titles, Valheim has this feature ready to go when you boot up the game.

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Unlike a lot of titles though, you can actually do this with a key command while playing! Gone are the days of heading to the game's settings to trawl through screen after screen of options.

Valheim Hide Hud Carry Weight
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HUD - The Valheim HUD can get a little distracting at times

All you need to do is press F3 and CTRL at the same time to hide the HUD on Valheim.

Then, if you fancy bringing it back, you just press the same key command again.

Not only is this fantastic for players that want to immerse themselves into the procedurally-generated world Valheim has to offer, but it's also pretty handy if you're a Virtual Photographer.

Valheim Hid Hud Scenery Key Art
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STUNNING - It is well worth taking screenshots while you're playing Valheim

Valheim doesn't have a robust Photo Mode yet, but being able to toggle the HUD on and off should make taking screenshots a lot easier.

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It's also handy that you don't have to go into the settings to do it. This means you should be able to capture awesome moments on the fly without hassle!

For the latest updates on Valheim, they have an official Twitter account now that is the best place for updates!

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