How to fly in Valheim without breaking your game

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Have you ever wanted to fly while playing Valheim? Well, now you can!

There are two methods to access flying in Valheim and we have a rundown of both for you below.

Be warned though, one could break the game and/or kill you and the other makes you a cheater. Other than that though, it's perfectly fine and could open up a new way to play Iron Gates' survival sandbox.

The Debug Menu

This is the first way you can access the ability to fly in Valheim and it's really easy to do.

All you need to do is open the Console Command for Valheim and access Debug Mode.

Valheim Fly mountain bow
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CHEATING - The first method is essentially adding cheats to Valheim

To do this, you'll need to enter "imacheater" as a code in-game and then "debugmode" in the Console Command.

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Now that you're a self-admitted cheater, you'll be in Creative Mode and you should be able to fly in Valheim.

Pressing the Z Key should toggle flight on and off while in this mode.

Although there's no word on whether this will be a permanent feature or not, it's well worth doing it before the next patch just in case!

The Slingshot Method

The second method in achieving Valheim flight is a little more complex but slightly more honourable.

Firstly, you'll need your friends for this one. So, if you play solo then... Sorry.

Once you have your friends online, you'll need to hit an Ally Viking with an Abyssal Harpoon.

Valheim Fly Serpent
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SERPENT - You'll need to kill a few of these if you want to get to the Harpoon

Once you've done this, you should be able to build a ramp and slingshot your friend across the map!

It isn't exactly flying, more like falling with style, but it's the best we have at the moment.

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Be warned though, fall damage will most-likely kill whoever is flung across the map when they hit the ground.

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