How To Summon The First Boss In Valheim

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Valheim launched last week to immediate success, becoming one of the hottest games on Steam, with over 100,000 concurrent players at any time of the day.

The game sees players thrust into a brand new world with nothing but the clothes on their back.

But by the end, they have become a battle-hardened warrior who can take on any foe, including a multitude of bosses.

How To Summon The First Boss

The first boss you will encounter is Eikthyr.

However, unless you have a keen eye and read the Runes, it isn't very obvious how you summon him.

Just make sure that before you do, you craft yourself a shield, a one-handed weapon, and some health replenishment items such as potions.

Valheim key art
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It also wouldn't be a bad thing to craft some armour to help protect yourself.

Once you're prepared, its time to summon Eikthyr.

The Rune is already marked on the map, the rest of the bosses aren't so you will have to find them later on.

When you interact with the Rune it asks for some items to sacrifice to Eikthyr.

On the Rune is a picture of a deer, so that is our clue on the item.

You need to kill 2 deers and get their meat, and then offer it to Eikthyr for him to spawn.

How To Beat Eikthyr

Eikthyr, being the first boss, is rather easy to take down.

Its made easier by the fact he only has 2 moves, so they're easy to memorize and learn how to avoid.

Valheilm Eikthyr Boss
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He has a lightning attack which covers a large area, so make sure you avoid it, as well as a headbutt move.

The easiest method is to avoid or block the attacks and then wait for him to run around before striking.

Once you master defending against his moves, he is very easy to defeat.



Every time you defeat a boss you receive some rewards for your efforts.

Eikthyr will grant you Hard Antlers, these can be used to make an Antler Pickaxe which can be good for getting rid of boulders.

You also receive a trophy which can be placed on the Sacrificial Alter which will decrease stamina drainage from running and jumping by 60% for 5 minutes.

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