Could the hit game Valhiem be coming to Mac soon?

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The Viking Survival game Valheim could be coming to Mac OS and Apple Mac devices soon if new file updates are to be believed!

Here's everything we know about whether Valheim is coming to Mac and, if so when it will launch.

Steam Database File Leak

Iron Gate's development team is pretty small in comparison to the other Steam giants, so it's understandable that updates are taking a little longer to roll out than other titles might be able to release them.

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However, what about a Mac OS version of Valheim? No, not playing Valheim via Steam via Windows on a Mac. An actual Mac version of the game.

Well... According to the third-party app Steam Database, some files have popped up that might suggest that this is on the way.

Valheim Mac Steam Database update
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UPDATED - It was the first change in a LONG time on the Steamdb page

Steam Database uses Steamkit to get file information from Steam titles in development and there's been a page for Valheim Mac for a long time now.

This appeared to be a place-holder for a long time until March 11th, 2021, when it was updated.

Excuse us, what?! That's right. The page was updated that recently. Although it isn't confirmation of anything, it's a very promising sign for Mac users who want to play Valheim on their Apple Mac devices soon.

Below you can check out some of what was added.

Valheim Mac Steam Database files
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FILES - Here's some of what was added to Steam, according to SteamDB

Valheim Mac Release Date?

At the moment, we don't know anything concrete about when Valheim is coming to Mac OS and Apple Mac devices.

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There has been a depot page for Valheim on Mac since its' launch, however only the Windows and Linux versions of the title are currently available.

Valheim Mac Crafting Bench
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READY? - Are you excited for Valheim to release on Mac in the future?

That isn't to say that a Mac version of Valheim hasn't been in the works this entire time. With what we now know above, it could be arriving on the platform sooner than you think!


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Recently, Valheim hit a huge Steam milestone, selling five million copies, and it continues to dominate Steam Charts listings considering its' competition.

This information was first spotted on this Square Space Blog.

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