Apex Legends Season 16 - Release Date, Leaks, and more

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Apex Legends
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Apex Legends has finally arrived at Season 16, and a ton of new content has come to the Battle Royale title. The Anniversary Celebration is now live, bringing lots of free and exclusive rewards, and there's still much more content on the horizon.

Season 16 is set to be one of the most exciting yet, with sweeping system changes announced, and Team Deathmatch finally arriving. Here's everything you need to know about what to expect, as well as the potential for another brand-new legend for the Apex Games.


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Apex Legends Season 16 Release Date

Season 16 is expected to follow the usual cycle of releases, as each season usually lasts around 3 months. Given that Season 15 began at the beginning of November, we can expect a February release for the next.

Apex Legends Season 15

We expect Season 16 of Apex Legends to begin on or around the 14th of February, given that the end date for Season 15 falls then. This would make the current season slightly longer than usual, but understandable since it accommodates the holiday period.

What new content will drop with the new season remains to be seen, since we received both a new legend and map with Season 15. Some rumours have been circulating however about what might be coming with Apex Legends Season 16.

Season 16 New Legend

Several upcoming legends were leaked earlier this year that we are still yet to receive in-game, and one could be set for the next season. These include Jester, as well as Ballistic, both of whom have had their art and abilities leaked already, and some others we have yet to see.

Apex Legends Jester

Equally, however, some believe that Apex Legends Season 16 could be the first in a while not to come with a new character. No rumours have yet been confirmed, so, unfortunately, we will have to wait until nearer the time when information surfaces.