Apex Legends: September Prime Gaming Rewards & How to Claim

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Prime Gaming Apex Legends Rewards

Amazon Prime members are in for a treat again this month, with brand new rewards coming to Apex Legends. If you have a prime account and want some absolutely free content, be sure to check it out.

Last month saw a Wraith Royal bundle drop, and this month promises to be just as good-looking for APex fans, so let's check out what's in store.


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Apex Legends Prime Gaming Loot: September

This month features an all-new Vantage Troop Leader bundle for Apex fans. Go claim your drop now to get a Troop Leader Vantage skin, a matching player banner, and the 'Overachiever' skin for the flatline weapon.

Vantage troop leader skin
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So whether you're climbing through the ranks on Kings Canyon, or just dishing out damage with the best weapons available, you can now look your best with the help of Prime.

Check out the Prime Gaming Apex Legends site to cash in your reward, and check out cosmetics and more that are available for just about any game you could want.

How to Unlock Amazon Prime Loot


If you have your prime account connected to prime gaming, the new loot will be available to collect from the start of the month. Therefore if you haven't already collected your reward for September, it has been available from the 1st, so don't miss out.

Octane prime gaming skin
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Similar rewards are available for a huge range of games, so if you also dabble in League of Legends, Pokémon Go, or Call of Duty, there is something to spice up your collection in each of them.

The next drop will be coming as soon as October hits, so if you're not already signed up, what are you waiting for?

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