Apex Legends Switch release date confirmed in leaked store post

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Respawn Entertainment's high-paced battle royale has a confirmed date for the Nintendo Switch release according to a newly found retail release post.

The Switch port was confirmed last year, and a release date was leaked in a Japanese video .


Switch Release Date

Thanks to a post on Reddit, the Switch release date of Apex Legends has been confirmed as February 2, 20201, according to the retail listing.

The previous leak was thanks to a Japanese video titled 'Welcome to the Outlands' which promised a February release for the game.

The retail listing on Amazon Japan looks to have locked that date in, with the title launching alongside Apex Legend's Season 8.


Originally the Switch version was planned for Season 7, but Respawn delayed the launch.

An EA blog post said that "in order to do justice to the game and make it into the great experience Switch players deserve, our team needs more time”."

Fuse joins Season 8

Season 8 has already been confirmed to launch on February 2, bringing with it a chaotic new Legend, Fuse.

Mayhem new Legend in Apex Legends
Fuse promises to bring Mayhem to Apex


EA have also confirmed that King's Canyon is going to be "dramatically reshaped" by Fuse's entrance, presumably thanks to the Legend's love of high explosives.

Fuse himself is equipped with a tactical ability called Airburst Grenade, which allows him to use the grenade launcher built into his right arm.

The explosives expert also has an ultimate called The Motherlode, which seems him fire a missiles from the cannon on his back, which can be shot to detonate, and cover the ground in fire.

Season 8 Mayhem Trailer

Respawn made the Season 8 trailer available on January 21which teased some of the details of the map change caused by Fuse's pyrotechnics.


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