AC Valhalla Ostara Festival Event extended to April 15th

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It's time for some hunting, as The Ostara Festival has been extended in Assassin's Creed Valhalla for another week!

Players can hunt for eggs in the day and evil spirits at night in this limited-time Ravensthorpe feature.

Here's everything you need to know about the AC Valhalla Ostara Festival.

LATEST - Ostara Festival Extended to April 15th

The Ostara Festival has brought some cheer to Assassin's Creed Valhalla - and it will for an extra week as it's now been extended to April 15th.

This will give all players a chance to take advantage of the unique cosmetics and visuals - now including egg hunts!

Ostara Festival is Live

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest seasonal event is here and we are all in for a lot more fun than the Yule Festival over the Christmas Period.

" Experience a wholesome time hunting eggs, or share in the festivities with archery, drinking, and brawling. When night falls, protect the Raven Clan from spirits who run wild through the forest, sowing chaos."

It looks like all the old Ravesnthorpe activities are back with a few new additions. Yes, we're talking about the chaotic Ostara woodland spirits that are going to be running amock in the woods.

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We didn't see that one coming either.

The Ostara Festival is sticking around in Ravensthorpe until April 8th, 2021, so make sure you're completing all your challenges before then for exciting event-limited rewards!

Start Date

The actual time has yet to be revealed, but Ubisoft has said that the content will be live in Valhalla on March 18.

It will run until April 15th after being extended another week, at which point we'll hopefully see the release of the long-awaited Wrath of the Druids DLC.

valhalla ostara festival countdown
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Ostara Festival New Content

Below is what Ubisoft has included in the 1.2.0 Patch Notes:

"The Ostara Festival will be available from March 18 to April 8. It will feature a bloomy Ravensthorpe, some unique side activities (such as egg hunts), and special rewards."

That's all that's known so far, but we shouldn't be far behind getting some more information. The patch notes also said:

"We’ll provide more details about the Ostara Season content in the First Look article coming March 18."

We'll have all the information you need about the festival, including where to find the eggs that you should be able to hunt for.


AC Valhalla 1.2.0 Update

Otherwsie, the 1.2 update added Transmog to the Valhalla, letting you change how your character looks. It also added the following skills.

  • Raven’s Loot - Your raven gathers loot from targets killed with ranged attacks.
  • Fearless Leaper - When activated, the leap attack damage has a larger area of effect and can be done at any height.
  • Loot Food - Eivor now has a higher chance of looting food from dead bodies.

On top of that, there are bunch on bug fixes that have been included in the patch.

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