Call of Duty x Dark Horse Skins: Umbrella Academy, Price & Bundles

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Umbrella Academy Skins in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is certainly not a stranger to big-name crossovers. With King-Kong and Godzilla making an appearance in Season 3, and the Terminator storming onto the scene for Season 4 reloaded, playable Characters are just one way to express yourself in the hit Battle Royale title.

Now though to celebrate the launch of Season 3 of Umbrella Academy this Summer, Hazel and Cha Cha, 2 hitmen working for the Temps Commission in the show, are coming to Warzone.

Let's take a look at what we know so far and how to get your hands on them.

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Umbrella Academy Cha Cha content in Warzone

Cha Cha bundle in Warzone
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Cha Cha comes to Call of Duty: Warzone, playable as a legendary operator skin for Wade. The blue bear mask, the signature look for the Character in the Hit Netflix TV show is available as part of a Character Bundle.

Players can purchase the Bundle for 2400 CoD points in the shop, which will also unlock the following:

  • Legendary 'Bonesaw' Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Legendary 'Costellos' SMG blueprint
  • A 'Cut the Crap' finishing move
  • 'Hold Still' Operator MVP Highlight
  • 'Sugary Support' Calling Card
  • 'Idiot Box' Emblem
  • 'Total Hackjob' Spray
  • 'Mini Cadettes Cookies' Sticker
  • 'Bone Shredder' Charm

So if you're a fan of Cha Cha or Umbrella Academy, head on over to grab this bundle for all the cosmetics you could possibly want.

Umbrella Academy Hazel content in Warzone

Hazel Warzone bundle
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Not to be outdone, Hazel has also arrived in Warzone and will be playable as a Legendary Operator skin for Lewis. Sporting the pink dog mask that features in the Umbrella Academy comic book, he will also be available as part of his own bundle.

The bundle will be available in the shop for 2400 CoD points and will also include:

  • Legendary 'Electric Lollipop' SMG Blueprint
  • Legendary 'Sugar Loader' Assault rifle Blueprint
  • 'Shocking Revelation' finishing move for Lewis
  • 'Stay down' Operator MVP Highlight
  • 'Big Shocker' Calling card
  • 'Out of time' Emblem
  • 'Messy Joy' Spray
  • 'Dispatch Signal' Sticker
  • 'Sweet Atomic Power' Charm

So whether you're grinding through the Battle Pass or just dishing out damage with the best weapons available, be sure to check out these bundles.

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