Vanguard Season One: Battle Pass Leaks, Start Date, Patch Notes, & More

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Sledgehammer Games' first major update for Call of Duty Vanguard is almost here - Season One is going to be a fantastic start to a full year of content and there's a lot on offer between the main Call of Duty multiplayer experience and Warzone's Pacific update. Here's everything you need to know and what we know so far...

Battle Pass Teasers - Weapon Blueprints and coconuts?

Caldera is coming and Call of Duty has been busy teasing content that's coming in Vanguard Season One without actually offering us a full content roadmap. They don't usually keep us waiting so long for a full content roadmap ahead of a new season, but this one's a little bigger than the ones we've seen in the past few months.

As you can see below, we're getting at least two Weapon Blueprints - one for the NZ-41 - and there's a good look at one of the new Operator skins coming for one of the upcoming unreleased Operators.


In the image above, we can also see an icon of a figure running - this could be a reference to the changes being made to Dead Silence in Warzone, or a hint that we're getting a new perk in the next update. Only time will tell, but we should learn soon enough.

NEW INTEL DROPPING? - Content Roadmap on the way


Earlier this week, Call of Duty shared a lot of information about the Warzone Pacific update and the new Caldera map - however, we're still waiting on information about what's coming to Vanguard specifically.

At the moment, all we have is the following quote...

" Head back here soon and expect to learn about the two free functional weapons, new Operator, Zombies content, Multiplayer modes, and two maps all coming on December 8. That includes a Pacific-inspired take on a fan-favorite classic Call of Duty map…"

The "back here soon" is expected to be today, December 2nd, which is just under a week before the Vanguard Season One update is expected to drop.

Throughout the season, we should see two other Operators, an additional multiplayer map, and more... Keep your eyes peeled!

MORE GUNS? - Leaks reveal a new set of weapons

Vanguard's armoury is about to get a little bit bigger and we can't wait to jump into the explosive multiplayer experience on offer with all the new weapons coming in Vanguard Season 1. At the moment, officially, we don't know what we're getting. However, leaks are suggesting the following:

There's a lot of choice on offer already, but these look like they're going to change the meta in the best way.

We're still waiting on an official Content Roadmap for Vanguard Season 1, but it's not too far away now...


SECRETS REVEALED? - New Warzone Event starts

The Secrets of the Pacific event has started in Warzone and it's offering everyone a great chance to learn a little bit more about Caldera - the new Warzone map - and the future of Vanguard's post-launch narrative - which is probably going to be tied into Warzone like last year's narrative.

The "Bomber Menace" STG 44 Weapon Blueprint is up for grabs if you complete all of the following challenges - but it won't be easy...

  • Jailbreak - At the bottom of the stairs leading into Prison from outside
    • You need to survive one circle or win the game to complete this.
  • On The Air - Inside an Electronics Store opposite Train Station
    • You will need to survive three circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Fast Food - On a Burger Stand counter inside the Airport
    • You will need to survive three circles or win the game to complete this.
  • On Your Feet - Inside a Surgery Room in Verdansk General Hospital
    • You will need to survive four circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Abandoned - Inside a Mine Shaft's cave area near Airport
    • You will need to survive two circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Secrets - Head to one of the WW2-era Bunkers for this Intel
    • One is near Boneyard, one is near Airport, and one is south of Salt Mine.

There are Calling Cards and Emblems available for each individual challenge, but if you're looking for more details, you can check out our guide on finding all the Special Intel locations during the Secrets of the Pacific event here.

RELEASE DATE - When does Season One start?

Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that Vanguard Season One and the Warzone Pacific update are both being pushed back a week - now, you can jump into the new Warzone experience and start the Season One Battle Pass on December 8th!

Caldera is set to be available on December 9th, but there is a way you can get a day's worth of Early Access to the new map. This could be the difference between landing your first win on the new map, so it's worth checking out.

We know this is unfortunate, but it could mean another Double XP Weekend is on the way for Vanguard players - only time will tell.

LEAKS - Key Art confirms new Operators

PlayStation Game Size has revealed that the Vanguard Season 1 update has been added to the database - as you can see in the Tweet below - and revealed a new look at the key art that will be used for the update going forwards.


"Anna", "Lewis", and "Francis" were all rumoured Season 1 Operators for a while and this seems to confirm their addition to Vanguard's roster. There are also a couple of new weapons in that image, which could be the Well Gun or the M1944 Hyde - two Submachine Guns.

We should learn more from official sources in roughly a week - there's still a lot happening in Warzone between now and then.


LEAKS - Indiana Jones is coming?!

We don't know what to think about this, but both Captain America and Indiana Jones have been leaked as upcoming collaborations between Disney and Activision for Call of Duty Vanguard.

We don't know the details yet, as they could be additional Operators or just Operator Skin Bundles in the Store... However, we can't wait to find out more in any case.

Tom Henderson has allegedly corroborated reports with data miners, too.

LEAKS - Are we getting three new Operators?


Call of Duty leakers and data miners have been hard at work delving into the game's files for clues on what's coming in the future - and they seem to have found a few things.

There's talk of a Krampus skin for Shigenori, an Attack on Titan collaboration, and three new Operators have been leaked,

The following Operators are expected to drop in Season 1 - apparently, their names have been around since the Open Beta.

  • Francis - USA
  • Lewis - USA
  • Isabella - Philippines

You can see their default appearances in the Tweet below (however, it might be removed due to copyright infractions):

Season 1 is coming a lot sooner than you think and we should learn a little more about what's coming when Shipment drops next week.


RELEASE DATE - When does Season One start?

Vanguard Season One is due to start on December 2nd - this is almost a month after Vanguard's launch. We don't know the exact time it's due to drop, but we'll hear confirmation from Sledgehammer Games in the coming weeks.

For now, all we know is that Shipment is going to be released in the pre-season period - that takes Vanguard's map count up to 21 before the first real bit of post-launch content!

Warzone's Operation Flashback is also going to start in the pre-season and should oversee the transition from Black Ops Cold War's Warzone and Vanguard's Warzone - this should include some exciting changes we're talking about below.

VANGUARD - What new content are we expecting?

At the moment, we don't really know what to expect from Vanguard Season One. We're expecting the seasonal updates will follow in the same style as Black Ops Cold War's seasonal updates, though.

This means we should see a new Operator added - at least one, anyway - alongside several new weapons and a handful of new multiplayer maps. We might even get a couple of new playlists - things like Demolition and Prop Hunt.

Vanguard Season One
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A MASSIVE YEAR - Expect more news to drop soon!

Of course, this all means there's also going to be a new Battle Pass. As you might already expect, this is going to be full of Vanguard-exclusive content. You'll be able to use it in Warzone following Vanguard integration, but don't expect any Adler skins anymore.


WARZONE - What new content are we expecting?

Warzone is going to change a lot when Vanguard Season One drops. Warzone is becoming Warzone Pacific - with a new map called Caldera leading the changes.

In addition to this, we're going to see complete Vanguard integration into Warzone from the start of Season One - this means all the Vanguard Operators and Weapons will be available in Warzone.

There's also going to be a new Kernel-based Anti-Cheat system introduced to Warzone - Ricochet should be active in Vanguard in some capacity from launch, though. There's no word on next-gen Warzone just yet, but you have to imagine it's on the way.