Modern Warfare Season 2 -All new and returning maps announced

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MW2 Dome

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is bringing a ton of exciting new content to the latest Call of Duty title. New weapons are just the beginning, as Infected and Gun Game are returning, along with a host of new content you can earn for free with the Battle Pass.

Even better, you'll be able to play all of this on some new maps, some of which may look fairly familiar. Here's everything you need to know about what's coming with the new season.

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MW2 Dome

Located at the highest point in Al Mazrah, Dome bears a striking resemblance to one of Call of Duty’s classic maps. You might even find Requis.


This small- to medium-sized map is built for fast-paced combat with three main buildings surrounding a central street area. One of these is the iconic domed structure, which has a small catwalk that provides incredible views over most of the map’s outdoor spaces.

Zaya Observatory

MW2 Zaya Observatory
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Dome's big brother map in MW2 will be Zaya Observatory, which will be available in Ground War and Invasion modes. The combat area will be expanded to fit the entirety of Al Mazrah’s tallest natural point of interest.

The Battle Map version encompasses the entire science facility and adjacent cliff sides. Observant operators will find solace along the mountainside flank routes.

With main thoroughfares cut off, infantry should resort to navigating the facility buildings to bypass any vehicle obstructions. For when you have no other option but to sprint across an exposed road, be sure to keep smokes equipped to deter any rooftop sniper fire.

MW2 Valderas Museum

MW2 Valderas Museum
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The other Core map launching at the start of Season 02

is Valderas Museum, returning after first appearing in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta. This will help bring up the map count in multiplayer, which players will no doubt appreciate.

Al Malik International

MW2 Al Malik International
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Located at the southern tip of Al Mazrah, this modern airport mixes traditional and modern architecture to host both business and leisure activities. It will be available in Ground War and Invasion Modes.

The Battle Map version of this locale comprises the tarmac and main airport building. Those looking for vehicular combat have plenty of runway to use for getting around the Battle Map quickly.

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