Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 - All new weapons

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is fast approaching, and with the roadmap announced hype could not be higher. A ton of new content is coming with the update, including new modes, new maps, and, even better, new weapons including some returning fan favourites.

5 new weapons have been announced, 4 of which will be available with the launch of the new season. Let's take a look at everything that's available and how you can get your hands on them as soon as possible.

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MW2 Iso Hemlock Assault Rifle

MW2 Iso Hemlock
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The ISO Hemlock is the first weapon to be added to the new ISO platform, and will be unlockable via the Season 2 Battle Pass. We expect it to be unlockable fairly quickly, so it could be a good investment for any tier skips you have.

It is a powerful and enhanced rifle from Expedite Firearms and is designed to take both 5.56 and subsonic .300 BLK ammunition, providing battlefield advantage in any situation.

KV Broadside Shotgun

MW2 KV Broadside
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This new shotgun will come with the Kastov weapon family, making it one of the largest in the game. It will also be available with the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Battle Pass for free.

Bringing the power of the 12 gauge to the Kastov Platform, the KV Broadside is the fastest-firing semi-auto firearm in the shotgun class. It destroys targets at close range with impunity.

Dual Kodachis Melee Weapon

MW2 Dual Kodachis
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The final weapon available with the Battle Pass in the new season of MW2 is the Dual Kodachis. These are the first new melee weapon added, and will no doubt cause absolute chaos in Shipment 24/7.

Each swipe has an impressive range and faster forward motion towards enemies compared to the Knife melee weapon, though this comes at a slight cost, a slower strafe and sprint speed.

MW2 Crossbow Marksman Rifle

MW2 Crossbow
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The crossbow is a fan favourite for a reason, and now it's arriving in-game in the Markman Rifle category. Silent and agile, this high-performance crossbow fires 20.0” bolts with exceptional lethality.

Exclusive customization, distinct functionality, and unique ammunition types put this weapon in a class of its own. Standard 20.0” bolts are recoverable and are undetected by trophy systems.

You'll be able to unlock it by completing all 7 of the Path of the Ronin Challenges, or via a store bundle.

Also, expect a new Marksman Rifle – the Tempus Torrent – to be available at midseason, as well as a new lethal equipment piece, the Shuriken.

Remember: each new weapon comes with a brand-new set of camos to unlock for use across all your weapons. Expect well over a dozen new camos to be available to unlock by the end of Season 02.

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