Is Verdansk returning to Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 Verdansk

Warzone 2 Verdansk

Warzone 2 has now been with us for some time, and Season 2 is right around the corner to bring us the first major changes. Rebirth is returning, according to leaks, and we expect a brand new Battle Pass so you can earn some new weapons and much more.

Al Mazrah is undoubtedly an improvement on Caldera, but fans are still anxious to see a return of Verdansk, the map that started it all. Here's everything we know so far about whether you'll get another chance to drop in there.

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Is Verdansk coming to Warzone 2?

Developers have been very quiet about upcoming maps and modes in the new Warzone, and we know very little. Leaks suggest that Rebirth is returning, but as for a new main Battle Royale map we have very little to go on.

Warzone 2 Verdansk
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So far, there is no indication that Verdansk will be making a return in Warzone 2. However, we are ruling nothing out. We do have a couple of clues that hint at the old favourite map.

Eagle-eyed players have noticed that new operator Reyes has a small patch on his arm that shows a cutout of Verdansk. While this is likely just a nod to Warzone's past, it could suggest a return.

How to play Verdansk

Warzone 2 may not be seeing the old map return, but that doesn't mean we'll never see it again. Verdansk will be the main map for Warzone Mobile when it releases later on in 2023. PReregister now and you can get in on the action as soon as possible.

If you're keen to go back to the mechanics of the original Warzone, but don't mind Verdansk being missing, we have you covered. Warzone Caldera is available to download right now, although only the main big Battle Royale game mode is available.

Stay tuned for any information about whether Verdanak will be returning to Warzone 2.

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