All the latest COD Mobile codes and details on how you can redeem them

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Like a lot of games nowadays, COD Mobile is all about the unlockable weapon skins and characters. There's a lot of customisation options in COD Mobile and that means everyone's always after the latest COD Mobile codes that they can redeem for a chance at free loot.

If you're one of those people, we've got you covered. Here's the latest on how you can redeem COD Mobile codes and all the COD Mobile codes that are available during July 2021. As always, there are new codes coming out so be sure to redeem these as soon as you can.

How To Redeem COD Mobile Codes

If you're not sure how to redeem COD Mobile codes, you're not alone. Here's a step-by-step guide that should clear that up for you.

  1. Firstly, open up COD Mobile on your Android or iOS device;
  2. Then, hit the profile section on the top left of the Main Menu;
  3. From here, you're going to need to copy your User Identification (UID) from your Player Profile;
  4. Then, head to COD Mobile's Redemption Center on your chosen internet browser;
  5. From here, you enter the UID and COD Mobile code you want to redeem in the relevant boxes;
  6. Enter the Captcha code you need and hit Submit;
  7. Head back to COD Mobile and check your in-game inbox for your new loot!
COD Mobile Code Redeem
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HERE'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE - You should be met with a screen somewhat similar to this.

To simplify...

COD Mobile Profile > Copy UID > Head To COD Mobile Redemption Center > Redeem Code > Check COD Mobile mailbox

It's worth remembering to update your version of COD Mobile before you do this as you might lose any rewards from the COD Mobile codes you redeem if you're playing on an older version of the game.

Every Currently Available COD Mobile Code - July 2021

Below, we have all the latest COD Mobile codes for you to redeem online. They are all active as of the time of publishing, but often have shorter durations than you might think.

  • BJUCZBZ448

These codes are shared on COD Mobile's social media channels and with partnered content creators and streamers. It's always worth checking out a few Twitch streams for the latest information.

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