COD Mobile Season 10 Release Countdown: Update Time & Patch Notes

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COD Mobile is still churning out the updates and Season 10 is right around the corner. It's an amalgamation of so many different parts of Call of Duty's history of content, it's hard not to get excited about the next update. Shadows Return in COD Mobile's next major update and here's everything you need to know about when it drops.

RELEASE TIME - When does COD Mobile Update?

COD Mobile Season 10 is due to launch at the following times:

  • 16:00 November 17th PST
  • 19:00 November 17th EST
  • 00:00 November 18th GMT

From this time, you should be able to update your COD Mobile application - if it hasn't automatically been updated already. One thing that's guaranteed is a Battle Pass. Season 10's 50-Tier Battle Pass is going to include the following content:

  • Templar - Unredeemed (Character Skin)
  • Stansfield - Base Appearance (Character Skin)
  • Alice - Rime (Character Skin)
  • Yegor - Needleworked (Character Skin)
  • CBR4 SMG (New Weapon)
  • SVD Sniper (New Weapon)
  • Orbital Laser (Scorestreak)
  • Paranoid M16 (Weapon Blueprints)
  • Vanquished LK24 (Weapon Blueprints)
  • Black Ironwood SVD (Weapon Blueprints)
  • Hidden Prowler PP19 Bizon (Weapon Blueprints)
  • Tagger AS VAL (Weapon Blueprints)
  • Gilded Marksman (Weapon Charm)
  • Five Finger Fillet (Calling Card)
COD Mobile Season 10 Release
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NEW SKINS - Are you looking forward to this?

As always, there's going to be Weapon Blueprints, COD Points, Calling Cards, Charms, and a lot more on offer.

PATCH NOTES - What's new in COD Mobile?

Speaking of new content, here's a run-down of what to expect in COD Mobile following the release of Season 10.

  • New Multiplayer Map
    • Vacant - First featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
COD Mobile Season 10 Release Vacant
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CLASSIC - Everyone should know their way around this one
  • New Weapons
    • CBR4 SMG & SVD Sniper Rifle
  • New Multiplayer Game Mode
    • Control - A mix of Domination and Search & Destroy
    • Warfare - This large-scale TDM mode is coming to Blackout.
  • New Themed Event
    • Search for Stansfield - IT's time to help Templar - Unredeemed in his search for Stansfield
  • Rank Refresh
    • Clan Wars and COD Mobile's Ranked Series are both going to start a new season of content.

In addition to this, Vanguard's MVP Replay system is being implemented in COD Mobile alongside improvements to Hackney Yard, Hovec Sawmill and Nuketown. The Tempest Operator Skill and UAV Scorestreak have also had some Quality of Life updates.

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