An Undead Siege is hitting COD Mobile in Season 6; Here's what we know

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COD Mobile and Zombies are two things we don't see crossover too often. Last time COD Mobile attempted to bring Zombies to the game, it wasn't too well received. This time around, though, it looks like COD Mobile might be learning from the mistakes of the past. Here's what we know about the Undead Siege coming to COD Mobile.

LATEST - The Undead Siege Is Coming

" Strategize to survive and protect your base with teamwork and turrets against a horde of undead!"

COD Mobile is getting Zombies in a cooperative PvE mode that's due to take place on the Battle Royale map "Isolated". It looks as though it's going to be a mix between the traditional Zombies experience, with a static location needing defending, and Outbreak's open-play with in-game vehicles prevalent in gameplay.

Here's the official teaser trailer...

TheGamingRevo3 has also shared a few leaked images that seem to suggest a few new in-game items will be made available during the Undead Siege event. Richthofen, in-game currency, and other bonuses all feature.

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New Twitter Teaser Shows Dark Aether

We still don't know if Zombies are going to show up in COD Mobile anytime soon, but it is looking more likely following the following teaser from last week:

As you can see, it looks like the Dark Aether from Black Ops Cold War's Zombies experience. What's interesting is, since then, COD Mobile has been teasing another in-game event: Retribution.

We know Ghost and Riley, from the Modern Warfare sub-series, are due to make an appearance in COD Mobile soon... But the repeated "Retribution" in the COD Mobile teasers seems to suggest that their arrival is going to be more of an in-game event than just new content.

You can check out one of those teasers below:

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A couple of years ago, Activision decided to throw COD Mobile players a bone and offer them a chance to play some classic Zombies content on their phones. It wasn't the best-executed thing we've ever seen, but it was a fantastic little bit of content.

When you think about the original Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies mobile game, it was certainly a nice throwback to that. When you think about where COD Zombies is now on consoles and PC... It was a bit of a letdown. COD Mobile is a mobile game, though, so it's going to be limited. However, if Fortnite and Genshin Impact can work well on mobile devices... Why can't COD Zombies?

Thankfully, it looks like we could be seeing Zombies return to COD Mobile in an upcoming update (possibly Season 6) and here's everything you need to know about that below.

Return Of Zombies Teased Via COD Mobile App

At the moment, we don't know a lot about whether Zombies are coming to COD Mobile in a future update but TheGamingRevo3 has spotted the following leaked images which seem to suggest something is cooking.

As you can see below, the COD Mobile app shows a picture of Ghost alongside what appears to be "Undead Primis" Richtofen from the Black Ops Aether Storyline.


In addition to this, they have also shared what appears to be a COD Mobile screenshot referencing Black Ops Cold War's first Zombies map: Die Maschine.

If there's one thing COD Mobile can do to improve its Zombies experience this time around, it would be to make sure it includes a varied selection of maps without the limited-time content of its first attempt.

For years, fans have called for a separate Zombies game from Call of Duty where players can play on all their favourite maps... Could COD Mobile finally be giving the fans what they want after the Zombie Chronicles DLC for Black Ops 3?

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