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FC 24: Best camera settings

ea fc 24 camera settings

FC 24 has now been out for a month, and players have been getting to grips with the latest release from EA!

Whilst Ultimate Team has taken the spotlight with TOTW 6, and Centurions the next promos to hit packs, players of the game are constantly finding better ways to improve their experience of the game.

Camera settings are vital for FC 24, and picking the perfect settings can change your gameplay and overall gaming experience dramatically, so without further ado, let's take a look at the best camera settings to use in FC 24!

FC 24 camera settings

In FC 24, as you refine your camera settings to match your playing style, you may encounter an unexpected issue that can disrupt your gameplay. This problem presents itself as a stuttering and sluggish performance, especially when the playstyle emblem appears above your players' heads.

So, how can you ensure that your gameplay remains uninterrupted?

The solution lies in a straightforward yet effective approach: ensure you deactivate the display of 'PlayStyles+ Overhead Indicator' while adjusting your camera settings before the game. These emblems, though informative, can occasionally lead to performance disruptions.

camera setting ea fc 24
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By turning off the PlayStyles+ Overhead Indicator during gameplay, you will likely observe a noticeable enhancement in the smoothness of your match. Your players will move more gracefully, resulting in a more immersive and pleasurable gaming experience overall.

For those looking to play Ultimate Team the single-player camera will be worth looking into with options of:

Tele Broadcast, Tele, Co-op, Classic, Dynamic, End to End, Pro, Broadcast, Legacy.

These options will be worth looking into to discover which setting is best for you!

How to change camera settings in FC 24

To tailor and adjust your camera perspective in EA Sports FC, follow these steps:

EA FC 24: Best Camera Settings
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From the Main Menu in FC 24:

  • Navigate to CUSTOMISE
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Locate the CAMERA option

Prior to Starting a Match (Match Settings Screen):

  • While in the match settings screen before commencing a game:
  • Explore the CAMERA options

During Gameplay (Pause Menu):

  • While actively playing a game:
  • Pause the game
  • Navigate to SETTINGS
  • Find the CAMERA settings

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