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EA FC 24: Transfer tips to dominate the start of Ultimate Team

fc 24 pack pull

EA FC 24 is now officially fully out globally and we are buzzing to watch everyone get started with their Ultimate Teams!

With millions of people already playing the game everyone wants to know how to make coins in Ultimate Team and other trading tips such as the Bronze Pack Method!

Firstly we are going to show you the best transfer tips for UT and then afterwards why not checkout some untradeable players that could help your Ultimate Team in the best players for Evolutions! So without further ado let's take a look at the best transfer tips in FC 24!

EA FC 24 day 1 transfer tips

If you have started playing FC 24 Ultimate Team on 29 September 2023 and have been lucky enough to pack a player of value you have two options, sell or hold. The transfer market has taken a decline in costs due to the influx of new players onto the game with little coins, however the market will start to rise again over the next few days once players have accumulated more coins.

We suggest that you hold your top players right now as their price will increase by a heavy margin over the next week. Do not feel the need to sell right away, hold off and you will be rewarded for your patience!

Bid instead of Buy Now

Every penny is a prisoner at this stage of the game and you can save so many coins by taking the time to big on players rather than buying now. This way you can secure yourself a bargain with most players buying cards straight away there is usually a few bargains on the transfer market that you can bid on!

fc 24 transfer market
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Keep an eye out for SBCs and players in your club who have had their price increase thanks to the Squad Building Challenge. There are probably many players that will be in your club over the coming months whose price rises without you even knowing!

Another method is predicting future SBCs such as FC 24 Marquee Matchups where you can predict which games will be featured in this SBC and start purchasing likely players that will be involved in this SBC!

fc 24 transfer market
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Consumable items

Consumable items are a gold mine sitting in your club without even knowing it. Make sure that you check every item in your club as there could be a lot of value sitting there! We have a full consumable FC 24 guide on which items have the most value!

Evolutions trading

Evolutions are new to FC 24 Ultimate Team and they have been a massive hit so far! With Evolutions allowing players to evolve their cards to make them even better there plenty coins here to be made! Investing into players that are eligible for these evolutions will see there prices rise higher and higher such as sniping extinct bronze players or finding the next 'Ansu Fati' who has his price up to 5k coins at the moment thanks to Relentless Winger Evolutions.

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