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How to Spot a Walkout Pack in EA FC 24

How to Spot a Walkout Pack in EA FC 24!

We are now just two days away from finally having access to EA FC 24 on our consoles and now that EA Sports has moved on from the FIFA franchise, it seems like there is now a lot more changes that we cannot wait to get started with.

EA have gotten everyone hyped for the release with loads of changes made to popular modes such as Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode. We cannot wait until we get started!

We have new information on how to identify walkouts in FC 24 Ultimate Team packs so let's take a look at it!

What is a walkout pack in Ultimate Team?

A walkout player is a player that is rated 86+, when you pack this player they will present themselves in the pack with their card and will have many animations celebrating that you have packed them. You can now also have a double walkout pack in EA FC 24 that is new to FC 24!

How to spot walkout players in FC 24 packs

We have now identified how we can spot walkout players and what rating a player will be before they are revealed in the pack.

You can do this by looking at the strip on the top right panel identified in the photo. The brightness of this strip will tell you what rating range the player is and if they are a walkout or not.

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Firstly the presence of a strip being there would suggest that it is a board.

As suggested in the photo a rare 75-82 rated player would have no strip as shown in the photo, the brightness is a lot lower and looks less 'special'.

A board suggests that the player is 83-85 rated and the strip is in fact there as suggested in the photo. There is more of a brightness to the right panel making it stand out more.

And lastly for a walkout player, the player is 86+ rated and has much brighter strips and overall a brighter area is shining through making this pack feel even more special.

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