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FC 24 Mobile: How to rank up players fast with skill points

Credit: EA Sports

EA FC Mobile is finally here with fans saying goodbye to what is now a defunct FIFA Mobile. As you try to develop your players, knowing how to rank them up and the benefits this will give you is key to success.

Ranking up not only serves to level the OVR of a player but will give them access to skill points and more training levels, so it's imperative to rank them as soon as you can.

With that said, let's tell you how to rank players fast in EA FC Mobile and what benefits you'll get.

EA FC Mobile ranking system

As we've mentioned, ranking up players in EA FC Mobile isn't just about boosting their stats, it's a ticket to unlocking new skills and dominating the game.

How to rank up players fast in EA FC Mobile
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Credit: EA Sports
EA FC Mobile has a lot of systems

Do know there are limits to ranking up, as you can only do it five times. Even if you have a card with a strong OVR, it's recommended to rank them up if you can as this impacts several other factors besides the individual performance in EA FC Mobile.

For instance, a higher team OVR leads to better-scoring chances, so get ready to rise through the ranks!

How to rank players in EA FC Mobile

So, how do you go about ranking up players in EA FC Mobile? It's simple! First, tap on a player in your club, and then hit the "Ranking" button. If you can't find any eligible players, it's because you either don't have duplicate players in your inventory or you've maxed out your player's training.

Ranking up a player requires duplicate versions of that player item. You can't use a base player item to boost an event player item, at least in most cases. So, keep those duplicates handy!

Want to know how far your player has come in their rank-up journey? Look no further than the color of the gem on their player item! It's like a beacon of progress:

  • Level 1: Green
  • Level 2: Blue
  • Level 3: Purple
  • Level 4: Red
  • Level 5: Orange

These gems not only add a splash of colour but also help you identify the rank of your player at a glance. The number of ranks your player has achieved is also displayed in the rank-up menu.

In addition to elevating the overall of a player, ranking up a player also boosts their maximum Training Level. Each rank-up unlocks an additional 5 Training Levels. Achieving Level 5 ranking means you've fully unlocked all 30 Training Levels. A player's Training Level subsequently enhances their attributes.

For example, increased Pace equates to quicker acceleration and faster sprints, while improved Shooting results in more accurate and swifter shots compared to their untrained counterparts.

How to train players in FC mobile

To go to player training, navigate to the "Training" tab after selecting a player from your Club. Here, you can utilise other players as Training XP, raising their Training Level and, consequently, boosting their attributes.

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The amount of Training XP provided by a player is determined by their OVR, with higher OVR players typically providing more Training XP. However, there's an exception: previously trained players grant a base amount of XP in addition to the XP per level used for their training.

Skill points increasing attributes

With every Rank Up, you'll earn a Skill Point, a valuable resource for enhancing specific player attributes where it matters most. For each position, both normal and advanced Skills are available.

Using a Skill Point on a Skill increases its level by 1, with normal Skills capable of reaching level 3, while advanced Skills can only advance by one level. Advanced Skills, unlocked after reaching level 3 for a selected normal Skill, deliver more substantial attribute boosts.

skill points
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  • Up to 74 Base OVR: +1 increase in select attributes for normal Skills and +2 for advanced Skills.
  • 74 to 84 Base OVR: +3 increase in select attributes for normal Skills and +6 for advanced Skills.
  • 85+ Base OVR: +5 increase in select attributes for normal Skills and +10 for advanced Skills.

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