Darts Prodigy Littler and AngryGinge Team Up in EA FC

Luke Littler, Angry Ginge - EAFC

Luke Littler, Angry Ginge - EAFC

Dart sensation Luke Littler was just 16 when he showed the world his talents by making it to the PDC World Championships final in January. Although he was beaten by fellow British darts player Michael Smith, he had won the nation's heart.

Now, it looks like darts is just the beginning of his competitive adventures after joining TikTok sensation AngryGinge's EA FC team for a few matches.

Showing his versatility, the darts star took a turn up front and almost bagged a goal.

But if this was an audition for a more permanent role in the team, it may have come up short as it was an effort that AngryGinge, real name Morgan Burtwistle, branded "s***e".


However, the miss didn't seem to dent the darts prodigy's confidence. Later, he is seen winning the ball on the edge of his box and calmly setting up an attack.

All-in-all, it was a decent first outing for Girth N' Turf FC. A team created by AngryGinge in EA FC's 'Clubs' game mode, where players control just one player on the pitch.

Angryginge's team is arguably the starriest Clubs team in the world, featuring a host of British influencers, including Andrés Barrientos, better known as Yung Filly and Jack 'Pieface' McDermott

angry ginge and yung filly
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Credit: Filly Extra YouTube

Littler's love of EA FC is well known. His fellow darts stars have even spotted him playing as a warm-up before matches.

Speaking with JOE in February, he revealed he had spent "about £500" on the Team of the Year promotion and, staying with football, had received a DM from England centre-back Harry Maguire.

luke littler and eafc pro clubs trophy
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In the hours after his dramatic loss to Michael van Gerwen in the final of the Dutch Masters this January, Littler was not deterred from his video game passion. Shortly after, he was seen streaming EA FC to his 200,000 followers on TikTok, with 3,000 tuning in to watch.

The rising star also helped out a fan by opening an EA FC pack for them during his Premier League Darts walkout this February.

Clearly, Littler was born to play darts but don't be surprised if you see Littler turning up again for Girth N' Turf FC.

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