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EA FC 24: Near Post OP is back

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EA Sports FC 24 is finally here with loads of players enjoying the newest title from EA through early access, the full release is almost here too, coming on 29 September with the standard edition of FC 24.

As more and more players enter the game and start playing it we are finding out a lot about EA FC 24 gameplay and what the new 'meta' is.

With this being said, there is one very obvious method of scoring that has creeped back into the game that fans are finding frustrating! So without further ado let's dive into the latest gameplay exploits.

Near post is overpowered in EA FC 24

There has been an old technique that has returned from previous FIFA's to EA FC 24, and fans are learning the hard way. The near-post finish has emerged as the ultimate weapon for every attack in Ultimate Team. It is hard to play a game without witnessing a near-post goal making it impossible for goalkeepers to save.

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When you're on the attack in EA FC 24, aiming for the near post is the golden rule for success. It's as if the near post possesses an invisible magnet, drawing the ball past the hapless goalkeeper with precision. It doesn't matter how tight the angle or how well-defended the situation, a shot towards the near post seems unstoppable. Defenders scramble, goalkeepers flinch, and the net ripples.

But the problem goes beyond scoring. The sheer predictability of near-post finishes has made defending frustrating. It's become a race against time for defenders to close the near post gap, and even when they do, the attacker often finds a way to squeeze the ball through.

The community consensus is clear, EA Sports must address this overpowered near post dynamic in the next FC 24 update. This is not the first time we have seen near post OP in the game, in previous years this has been nerfed so we hope that EA Sports can do the same in EA FC 24!

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