Elder Scrolls 6: Improved Spellmaking, New Mechanics & Interactive Environment will feature

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Despite the studio's commitments to Starfield over the past year, Bethesda Softworks recently reassured fans that Elder Scrolls 6 is very much in development and on its way.

That said, Starfield has been given the priority, so we won't be seeing the next instalment in the Elder Scrolls series until after that.

However, a recent Reddit leak has brought a series of changes to light, including how spells will be given an increased emphasis from the previous instalment.

Continue reading for all the details.

Reddit Leak

The critically acclaimed franchise has always taken its sweet time between instalments, and with the most recent one only popping up a few years back, we will probably have to wait a fair bit longer.

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ANOTHER WEEK ANOTHER LEAK: but can we trust this source?

That said, an anonymous user claiming to be close to the developer took to Reddit today, dropping a ton of new details about the next instalment that may or may not be true.

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It should go without saying that the alleged leak should be taken with a big pinch of salt until it is officially backed.

The leaker claims that spells are "being significantly revamped and improved" in a bid to trump the underpowered schools of magic in the last game.

Spellmaking Improvements

'Alteration', for example, will actually alter reality in the game in order to pull up giant spikes from the ground.

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It allegedly will also be used to find and disarm traps, slow down enemies, open locks, and even fix armour and weapons.

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'Illusion', as another example, will fool characters to gain their trust and even hypnotize them to perform certain actions.

'Restoration' will allegedly see the biggest changes in The Elder Scrolls 6, allowing players to harness the energy of the sun as a source of power.


Restoration spells can be used to burn, stun, and blind enemies.

Crafting Mechanics

The leaker went through the crafting mechanics as well, which will apparently be similar to those used in Fallout 4.

Several guilds are making a return from past instalments with a lot of improvements and purpose.

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