Skyrim Anniversary Edition: All the new content coming to Skyrim

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Skyrim is a game that brings up a lot of feelings for a lot of people - and there's a good reason for that. Skyrim has been out for ten years now and we can't really believe that we've been adventuring with Lydia for so long! Bethesda is celebrating this huge event with yet-another re-release - the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. If you're wondering if it's worth the upgrade price, here's everything new coming to Skyrim in tomorrow's release.

ALL THE NEW CONTENT - Skyrim's Anniversary

Bethesda is drawing on their Creation Club content heavily with the Anniversary Edition re-release of Skyrim - a lot of the content included is from this groundbreaking integrated mod platform. That doesn't mean it's going to be bad though - this edition of Skyrim comes with new mechanics, new quest content, in-game items...

We're not saying all of this content is going to make Skyrim a new game, but the Survival Mode mechanics - for example - are going to change the way you play. Here's everything we know about the content coming to Skyrim in the Anniversary Edition release...

  • All Previously Released Creation Club Content
    • This includes the Saints & Seducers creation, Rare Curios, Survival Mode, and Fishing mechanics;
      • Saints & Seducers* - New storyline with "Largest amount of content ever included in a single Creation";
      • Rare Curios* - New items from across Tamriel for Khajit Caravan Travelers;
      • Survival Mode* - Manage new mechanics, like hunger and exhaustion, in this new way to play;
      • Fishing* - New fishing mechanic with related items and quests;
  • New Creation Content Exclusive to Anniversary Edition
    • This includes the Morrowind-themed "Ghosts of Tribunal" creation, "The Cause" (which will have players taking on the Mythic Dawn), and more.
      • Ghosts of Tribunal - "Earn over a dozen new weapons and armours"
      • The Cause - Fight the Mythic Dawn, a group trying to form a new Oblivion Gate;
  • Creation Club Quest Changes
    • These additional quests and content packages have been organically mixed into Skyrim's existing game.
  • Next-Gen Upgrade*
    • This will include graphical improvements, faster loading times, "and more" (Bethesda hasn't gone into detail).

Skyrim's Anniversary Edition is releasing on November 11th for all platforms - exactly 10 years since its original launch.

*This will be free to owners of Skyrim Special Edition

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