F1 2020: Chinese Grand Prix postponed - Opens door for Career Mode creativity for Codemasters

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The new Formula One season is rapidly approaching.

Several teams have already unveiled their cars, and winter testing starts in a week.

However, not everything is going to plan. The outbreak of Coronavirus in China has led, justifiably, to the postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix.


Originally planned for 19 April, the delay leaves F1 with a month-long gap between two new events - the first-ever Vietnam Grand Prix and the return of the Dutch Grand Prix.

While the F1 2020 game is not expected to hit shelves until at least June, there is already plenty of speculation of what Codemasters can do to up their game from last year's impressive release.

This postponement opens up a host of ideas for them to implement.

Flexible calendar

Say hello to the Dutch Grand Prix in F1 2020
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A NEW CHALLENGE: F1 2020 will see three fresh tracks

The 2020 F1 calendar will feature the biggest changes in a long time as new circuits enter, old ones depart, and one or two move around the list, and now China is postponed.

Vietnam and the Netherlands come in, while the Brazilian Grand Prix has a new home and we say goodbye to Hockenheim.

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This change should be mirrored in F1 2020 as you progress through career mode.

The season should start in Australia and end in Abu Dhabi, but in between there should be an annually changing calendar that adds some variety to your journey. You could hit Monaco in August or Japan in April.

It would make seasons feel different, and it would be a great way to utilise any additional tracks like San Marino or Turkey that were added to the game.

A whole F1 universe

Wheel-to-wheel action in F1 2019
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MORE TO RACING: On-track action is great, but there is more to being an F1 driver than that

F1 games, and racing games in general, can feel rather self-contained. Nothing exists outside the garage and the track.

It would be good to see F1 2020 start to open the world up a little. There are plenty of F1 events around the world that aren't actual races.

From demos in closed-off streets to launch events and sponsor requirements.

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F1 has tried to add some variety to career mode with classic car events, but they offer no bonus or achievement for completing and are still driving on the same tracks.

Imagine being able to take the 1992 Williams through an event in London where you get bonus R&D points for donuts but lose them for bumping a wall.

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What if you could earn some extra cash, or R&D points, for your team by attending a sponsor event, but it came at the cost of time taken for parts to come onto your car?

There is a whole universe that effects F1, as Coronavirus has shown, and it would be great to see Codemasters delve into it more.