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What Happened to FIFA Mobile?

EA FC Mobile
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EA FC 24 on consoles and PC isn't the only thing that's changing massively for the franchise, as EA FC Mobile will also take centre stage. This begs the question of what happened to FIFA Mobile.

As it's well known by this point, EA Sports couldn't renew the FIFA licensing deal they have had in place for decades, forcing them to rebrand their iconic and highly profitable football franchise across the board.

This means that FIFA Mobile has also undergone some massive changes. So if you want to find out what happened to the mobile app, we got you covered.

Is FIFA Mobile shutting down?

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Credit: EA Sports
EA FC Mobile is here

Technically, yes, FIFA Mobile is shutting down. However, EA FC Mobile is here to take its place.

On 18 August, EA Sports revealed that as part of their rebranding post-FIFA, the FIFA Mobile app will transition into the EA FC Mobile app. Players don't have to download any other app, just update their current FIFA Mobile app.

Do be warned, it's a big update according to EA Sports, so a Wi-Fi connection is advised unless you have a really good data plan.

What carries over from FIFA Mobile to EA FC Mobile?

Good question, this is a list of confirmed things that will carry and those that don't as you update your app.

What carries over to EA SPORTS FC Mobile?

  • User Name and User ID
  • FIFA Points, now called FC Points
  • Ban Status

What does not carry over to EA SPORTS FC Mobile?

  • Player Item Roster
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • League & League Record
  • Account Level
  • Vanity Items: Emotes, Logos, Kits, Stadiums
  • Leaderboard Rankings
  • Fans & Cups
  • Skill Boosts
  • Rank Up Items
  • Friends List & Friends Record
  • Star Pass Progress
  • Quests

EA has said there will be a way to redeem old vanity items although the full process has yet to be revealed.

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