EA has dropped some crazy Icons in the Swaps 2 promo

The second batch of Icon Swap objectives are now live in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, we wondered if they were to going arrive alongside the Winter Refresh promo, but that looks to have been pushed back.

Here's how Icon Swaps actually work and how you can spend your tokens.

How do Icon Swaps work?

Icon Swaps is a promo that EA runs multiple times throughout the FUT calendar.

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SCINTILLATING SWAPS: EA has made it difficult to choose which SBCs to complete using your swap tokens

Icon Swaps allows players to earn tokens through gameplay objectives (Squad Battles, Division Rivals & FUT Friendlies) that can be used to claim icons and pack rewards via SBCs.

The Icon Swap tokens will come in the form of a special Icon Swap player card, which can be traded into SBCs for certain rewards.

94 OVR Roberto Baggio is the standout from the latest set of Icon Swap SBCs, but there are some great players across the board.

EA has once again dropped some crazy unlockable packs such as the 83+ X25 pack which was so popular in Icon Swaps 1.

How to spend your Icon Swap tokens

The 83+ pack was a fan favourite in the ICON Swaps 1 promo, and it returns for ICON Swaps 2.

It will once again set you back 5 ICON Swaps players, which we feel is fair value considering the rewards.

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UNSTOPPABLE: Moments Puskas is now available in FUT 21

This is a minor win-win situation as you will either get yourself some top-end players or, in the worst case, pick yourself up a load of SBC fodder which you can reinvest into an ICON upgrade SBC or any other high-end SBC that you desire.

The second choice we are going to recommend is the 91+ Prime ICON pack, which will set you back a hefty 14 Swaps items.

There are other guaranteed ICON packs available, but this is the one that we feel provides the most value in terms of the level of player you will get out of it.

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