FIFA 20: Pre-Season Promo Announced – New Squads, Packs, Rewards & more

FIFA 20’s newest promo “Pre-Season” has arrived and there are some great new players and objectives to watch out for!

We have already seen a TOTSSF Kevin De Bruyne released back into packs in TOTW 43, but what else is in store?


The most important part of the promo!

99-rated TOTSSF Kevin De Bruyne has returned to packs alongside 98-rated TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold.

totssf de bruyne
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WOW! A truly great card

These two players feature in the final Team of the Week (TOTW 43) of the season as part of the ‘Best Of’ batch.

Check out all the cards from the promo so far here.

Best Of

Similar to the Summer Heat promo, it looks like we will be seeing 'Best Of' cards re-released into packs instead of fresh new squads.

The first 'Best Of' batch of the Pre-Season promo has brought out cards from the TOTY and TOTSSF squads.

We will also see the return of special cards from the Champions League and Europe League to celebrate the return of European football.

These are some top quality cards being released back into packs and we can't wait to see who else becomes available throughout 'Pre-Season!

European Football

During the promo, we will see a variety of special cards released from teams still competing in the Champions League and Europa League.

Federico Valverde RTTF 1
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UNREAL! Real Madrid star Federico Valverde is the first new Road to the Final card

Champions League Showdown cards will also be released, similar to what we saw in the Summer Heat event.

These cards will replicate real-life match-ups, with the winning team gaining a +3 boost.

These cards are likely to be very highly rated, so keep an eye out!


Here is the exciting bit.

Throughout the promo you will be able to earn rewards for both FUT 20 and FUT 21!

Get a headstart on the new game and begin building your squad now with packs, consumables and player loan items available to unlock now.

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