FIFA 20: 90 Marcus Rashford FUT Birthday Player Review

With FUT Birthday well and truly underway in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, we’ve been able to get our hands on some of the FUT Birthday players over the weekend, meaning it’s time for you to get our reviews on the players!

Here’s our review of the new 90 FUT Birthday Marcus Rashford.

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Rashford In-Game Stats & Analysis

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Rashford’s FUT Birthday item certainly looks like a top tier card, now with the all important 5* Weak Foot to match his 5* Skill Moves. 

Now being a part of the very popular 5*/5* club, Rashford goes from just a budget beast that players used back in October, to one of the most desirable attackers in FUT. Going from 3* Weak Foot to 5* Weak Foot changes the way you can attack with this card, allowing you to utilise both feet in attacking situations.

Onto his in-game stats. 95 Pace certainly looks enticing, but with a skew slightly towards Sprint Speed (97), then Acceleration (91), he may not feel as quick as his card suggests in smaller bursts. Rashford will really show his pace when faced with opportunities to break into space, rather than bursting past a defender.

His 89 Dribbling will be key in attacking areas, and being 6’1”, it’s key that he has solid dribbling to ensure that he doesn’t feel clunky. Luckily, with 92 Agility and 91 Dribbling, this shouldn’t be too big an issue, however a chemistry style may be needed to help bring up his Balance, Reactions and Ball Control.

Moving onto his shooting, 90 Positioning, 86 Finishing and 94 Shot Power are the key stats, which are admittedly a little low for a player costing over 1.5 million coins. Coupled with his relatively low 83 Composure, and a chemistry style is most definitely required.

Physically, the card may have 83 physical on the card, but that’s made up mostly by his 93 Stamina. With only 80 Strength, 77 Jumping and 78 Aggression, Rashford won’t feel as strong as his card stats suggest, so a chemistry style would be recommended.

The best chemistry style for this card, without doubt, is a Marksman. A Marksman gives him +10 finishing (96), +5 Reactions (91), +5 Ball Control (94), +5 Dribbling (96), as well as +10 Jumping (87), +5 Strength (85) and +5 Aggression (83), among other boosts, making him a far more well rounded ST.

Rashford’s Best Position & Role

As you may expect, Rashford’s best role is as a ST. With his pace, dribbling, shooting, physicality and now 5* weak foot and skill move combo, he’s a deadly attacker, with the ability to burn past defenders, turn quickly and sharply, and shoot with either foot. As a lone ST in a 4231, 433 or 451, or in a double ST formation such as a 442 or 41212, he performed very well.

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Being a part of the Manchester United squad, as well as being English, certainly leaves you with a tonne of options to link Rashford into your team, here are some of our favourite links.

Up top, you’ll struggle to find a more popular perfect link that Future Stars 90 Greenwood, who also shares the ability of 5* Weak Foot.

Moving into CAM, you currently have 90 Bruno Fernandes available in SBCs as the Premier League February Player of the Month, another very popular Manchester United option. Other strong link options here include Future Stars 88 Mount and Headliner 88 Alli.

For CM options, Shapeshifter 88 Alexander-Arnold provides everything you’ll need in a well rounded CM, with Storyline 89 Fred being available as a Level 30 reward in this seasons’ objectives.

You can check out a full review of Storyline 89 Fred here

If you’re looking for wingers to link Rashford to, some top options include Headliner 90 Sterling, Future Stars 89 Hudson-Odoi, and Future Stars 86 James.

Rashford’s Price

Valued currently at 1,600,000 Coins on PS4, and 1,550,000 Coins on Xbox, Rashford’s FUT Birthday card is very expensive, and with him needing a chemistry style to iron out some kinks in the card, he may be a little on the pricey side.

Value Rating out of 10

While Rashford is a very good card, for over 1.5 million coins, there are some key issues with the card. He may now have 5* Weak Foot, which is incredible, however he does lack some very key stats, with 86 Finishing being a little low, alongside his low 83 Composure, 80 Balance, and relatively low physical stats. A card of this price shouldn’t have to be improved with a chemistry style to become competitive, so for that reason, Rashford is a no go for me.


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