FIFA 20: 92 Antoine Griezmann FUT Birthday Player Review

With FUT Birthday well and truly underway in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, we’ve been able to get our hands on some of the FUT Birthday players over the weekend, meaning it’s time for you to get our reviews on the players!

Here’s our review of the new 92 FUT Birthday Antoine Griezmann.

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Griezmann In-Game Stats & Analysis

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With Griezmann getting a massively important +2 Weak Foot boost, now with 5* Weak Foot, he is potentially one of the most meta attacking midfielders in the game.

Before we talk about his in-game stats, it should be made clear how impactful his boost to 5* Weak Foot is. Before the upgrade, at 3* WF, Griezmann was super easy to defend, with players predictably favouring his stronger left foot at every opportunity when shooting in the attack. Now that his right foot is just as strong, you can fool defenders time and time again by going either side, a quality that is crucial in competitive FUT.

Starting off with one of his best features, his dribbling. 93 Agility, 85 Balance, 95 Reactions, 93 Ball Control and 90 Dribbling, coupled with his Flair trait, make Griezmann one of the best dribblers in this game.

His shooting gets a very nice +3 boost from his next highest card with the FUT Birthday item, taking him to 95 Positioning, 94 Finishing, 86 Shot Power, 87 Long Shots and 92 Volleys. With his Finesse Shot Trait, and 5* Weak Foot, expect this card to bang in almost all of his shots in and around the box.

His playmaking abilities shouldn’t be ignored either, as with 92 Vision, 91 Short Passing, 87 Long Passing and 92 Curve, Griezzy is a proven playmaker that will work brilliantly in behind the striker.

Griezmann’s Best Position & Role

Without doubt, the best position for Griezmann now is in a central role. Don’t bother playing the Frenchman on the wing, as he’s now far better served in the centre of the park, linking up attacks and finishing chances off with his agility and 5* Weak Foot.

When testing Griezmann out, I played him in both a CAM in 4231 and 41212, as well as a ST in a 41212. I found that Griezmann got involved with more attacks when played as a slightly deeper CAM, getting onto the ball, creating attacks with his playmaking ability, occasionally receiving the ball back to finish off on either foot.

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Being a Barcelona player, Griezmann isn’t short of top quality links that you can use to fit him into your setup, with French options also being available in La Liga.

Starting off with the obvious options, Player of the Month 97 Messi, or anything RW version of Messi for that matter is a perfect link for Griezmann. Coupling these two together in a team alongside Mbappe and Neymar would allow for a deadly, agile, unpredictable front 4. 

Moving into the midfield, a number of strong options are available. From Barcelona, TOTY 94 De Jong and Flashback 90 Vidal (available for the rest of the year in SBCs) are both top tier box-to-box midfielders, providing strong links to Griezzy. Shapeshifter 86 Mendy is also available, should you need a player that can also play a slightly more defensive role in your team.

Griezmann’s Price

Valued currently at 1,550,000 Coins on PS4, and just under 1,200,000 Coins on Xbox, Griezmann’s FUT Birthday card certainly isn’t cheap, but that is to be expected with his meta 5* Weak Foot upgrade.

Around that price, you’re looking at a similar price to cards like 91 Maradona, Headliner 91 Reus, and Shapeshifter 90 Richarlison, so I’d say, despite being a little on the pricier end of the spectrum, that Griezmann isn’t terrible value for the quality of card you’re receiving.

Value Rating out of 10

While Griezmann may be a newcomer to the FIFA 20 meta with this new 5* Weak Foot card, he has to be considered as one of the more meta attackers in the game. Priced reasonably well, but with room to come down in price, if you’re considering picking Griezmann up for your Weekend League team, go and do it, he’s a worthy investment, and will no doubt score you goals!


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