FIFA 20: Controls guide (Goalkeeper, Defence, Attack, Set Pieces & Volta) on PS4 & Xbox One

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After FIFA controls experienced a massive overhaul for FIFA 19, EA have continued to add new elements in the latest instalment.

Never underestimate how useful it is to have a look through the controls (old and new) before starting your FIFA 20 journey, as you it could give you an upper hand over your opponents. Here at RealSport we’ve done all the hard work for you and have created a list of ALL the controls for FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Movement Controls

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Move playerMove L stickMove L stick
SprintHold R2Hold RT
Change player (defence)L1LB
Change player (manual)R stickR stick
Shield ball (attack)/jockey or grab & hold (defence)/ jockey (ball in air)Hold L2Hold LT
First touch/knock-on (with ball)R2 + move R stickRT + move R stick
Skill moves (with ball)R stickR stick
Stop and face goal (with ball)L1 + no directionLB + no direction
Face up dribblingL2 + R2LT + RT
Stop ballR2 + no directionRT + no direction
No touch feintsR1 + LRB + L
Call for teammate runL1LB
Call for supportR1RB
Let ball runR1 press and hold + L away from ballRB press and hold + L away from ball
Slow dribbleL1 + L + directionLB + L + direction
Disguised first touchR1 press and hold + L towards ballRB press and hold + L towards ball
*NEW* Slow DribbleL2 + R2 + L directionLT + RT + L direction
*NEW* Strafe DribbleL1 + L directionLB + L direction
*NEW* Strafe Dribble (lock face angle)L1 + R1 + L directionLB + RB + L direction

Older controls are still just as important in FIFA 20, with shielding the ball (hold L2/LT) being just as important as last year. Make sure you use this control whether attacking or defending as without it your opponent will have a massive advantage when tussling for the ball against you. 

With slower gameplay and more calculated passes required in FIFA 20, calling for support (R1/RB) is more useful than ever, as you’re going to have to utilise every player on the pitch to master FIFA 20’s passing mechanics.

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In addition, slower gameplay means you have more time on the ball when going forward. The new slow dribble (L2 + R2 + L direction/LT + RT + L direction) allows you to keep moving forward when in possession, whilst maintaining the time and space to pick out a perfect pass or show a quick change of pace.

FIFA 20’s second new dribbling feature is the strafe dribble (L1 + L/LB + L). This feature is fantastic as it allows you far more control when getting close to a defender, allowing for tight turning to keep the ball away from your opponent. If you use L1 + R1 + L/ LB + RB + L you’ll initiate a lock face angle, so you can ensure you’re still looking forward whilst trying to maintain possession.

Strafe Dribble

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Press L1/LB and move the L stick in your direction of movement to keep possession in tight spaces, before finding the right ball.

FIFA 20 Attacking Controls

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Ground pass/headerXA
Lob pass/cross/headerX
Through ballY
Timed finishO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
Chip shotL1 + OLB + B
Finesse shotR1 + ORB + B
Low shot/downward headerL1 + R1 + OLB + RB + B
Fake shot/passO/X then X + L directionB/X then A + L direction
Threaded through ballR1 + △RB + Y
Chipped through ballL1 + △LB + Y
Driven lob pass/crossR1 + ▢RB + X
High lob/crossL1 + ▢LB + X
Low cross▢ + ▢X + X
Scoop lobL2 + ▢LT + X
Dummy a passPress and hold R1Press and hold RB
Cancel actionL2 + R2LT + RT
Flair passL2 + XLT + A
Flair shotL2 + OLT + B
Driven ground passR1 + XRB + A
Manual ground passL1+ R1 + XLB + RB + A
Flick up for volleyClick R3Click R stick
*NEW* Lofted Ground PassDouble tap XDouble tap A
*NEW* Lofted Ground Through PassDouble tap △Double tap Y
*NEW* Driven Lobbed Through PassL1 + R1 + △LB + RB + Y

Shooting controls in FIFA 20 are unchanged, however be wary that timed shooting (O + O timed/ B + B timed) has been altered. EA have reduced the frames in which you can perform a perfect shot from 4 frames to 2 frames, meaning it is more difficult to execute.

New additions of lofted ground pass (Double tap X/A) and lofted ground through pass (Double tap △/Y) are useful when trying to reach a teammate over an opponent’s attempted block, as the lofted ball is carried over any bodies or limbs. 

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Driven lobbed through pass (L1 + R1 + △/LB + RB + Y) is another valuable addition to passing controls, as it allows you to quickly release an advanced player, rifling a lobbed through ball down the pitch. This type of ball is particularly effective in a counter attack scenario when your pacey attackers can get in behind an advanced defence.

Lofted Ground Through Pass

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Double tap △/Y to loft your through pass slightly, helping you find any advanced runners.

FIFA 20 Defensive Controls

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Tackle/push or pull (when chasing)OB
Slide tackleX
Quick get up (after slide tackle)X
Clearance (with ball)OB
Contain/pressHold XHold A
Teammate contain/pressHold R1Hold RB
JockeyHold L2Hold LT
Running jockeyHold both L2 + R2Hold both LT + RT
Pull and hold (when chasing)Press and hold OPress and hold B
Engage shielding opponentL2 + L towards shielding dribblerLT + L towards shielding dribbler
Rush goalkeeper outPress and hold △Press and hold Y
Move goalkeeperClick and hold R3 + move RClick and hold R stick + move R
GK cover far postClick and hold R3Click and hold R stick
Switch to GKPress Touch padPress View button
*NEW* Goalkeeper Cross Interceptions△+ △ (hold)Y + Y (hold)
*NEW* Engage Shielding OpponentL2 + L towards shielding opponentLT + L towards shielding opponent
*NEW* Hard TackleO (hold)B ( hold)

With the introduction of manual defending, defence has faced a complete overhaul in FIFA 20. As a result, there are specific FIFA 19 controls that will become more useful when trying to get the hang of FIFA 20’s defensive mechanics.

Primarily, manual player switching (R stick) counteracts the lack of teammate containment compared to FIFA 19. This gameplay feature allows you to select a defender with speed and precision for manual containment of opposition players.

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Jockeying is another useful tool in manual defending. Jockey (L2/LT) an opponent to stay close to them and keep them under control until the opportune moment to tackle. Running Jockey (R2 + L2) allows you to keep up with sprinting attackers.

Tackling controls are the same as FIFA 19, with the addition of hard tackles (O/B hold). The hard tackle is most effective when there’s a gap between you and an attacker, allowing you to lunge towards the ball with speed to win back possession from an unsuspecting opponent.

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New Goalkeeper cross interception (△+ △ hold/ Y + Y hold) allows you to read an opponent’s attacking intention and proactively command your keeper to leave his goal and compete for an incoming cross. Rather than running towards the ball, your goalie will look to run in to the line of the incoming ball.

Running Jockey

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Holding both L2/LT and R2/RT will allow you to perform a running jockey, keeping faster attackers contained before the opportune moment to tackle.

FIFA 20 Goalkeeper Controls (with ball)

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Drop kickO/▢B/X
Drop ballY
Pick up ballR1RB
Driven throwR1 + XRB + A
Driven kickR1 + ▢RB + X
*NEW* Cross Interception△ + △ (hold)Y + Y (hold)

You should be familiar with all the goalkeeper controls for when they have the ball. Goalkeeper controls are the same as last year, with both the driven throw (R1 + X/RB + A) and driven kick (R1 + ▢/RB + X) enabling you to start counter-attacks quickly. Use with caution as you risk throwing possession away, but it’s worth it if you get the ball wide and run at the defence.

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Set Pieces

In tight games, set pieces can be the key. If you master how to execute them, they may be the difference between winning and losing.

Free Kicks

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Adjust run upR stickR stick
AimL stickL stick
Select kick takerHold R2Hold RT
Call 2nd kick takerL2LT
Call 3rd kick takerR1RB
2nd/3rd kick taker curled shotL2/R1 + OLT/RB + B
2nd kick taker layoff passL2 + XLT + A
2nd kick taker layoff chipL2 + ▢LT + X
2nd/3rd kick taker run over ballL2/R1 + O then XLT/RB + B then A
Ground passXA
High pass/crossX
Driven shotL1 + OLB + B
Apply shot powerHold OHold B
Wall jump (defence)Y
Wall charge (defence)XA
Move wall (defence)L2/R2LT/RT
Wall creep (defence)R1RB
Move goalkeeper (defence)▢/OX/B
Switch to receiverL1LB
*NEW* Time Your ShotO + O (timed)B + B (timed)
*NEW* Apply Curl During Run UpRR

Free kicks have been completely revamped in FIFA 20, with a new aiming circle being introduced. Direct free kicks are taken by aiming (R stick) and shooting (O/B) to lock in your aim, and then applying curl during the run up (R stick). 

Timed shooting (O+O timed/ B+B timed) can also now be used when shooting from free kicks.

Free Kick with Top Spin

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Aiming above the goal (L stick) and applying top spin (R stick) will give you a better chance of netting from a direct free kick.

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Indirect free kicks are much the same as FIFA 19 with a small yellow aiming circle displaying where you are aiming before you cross (▢/X). 


Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
AimL stickL stick
Adjust run upMove R stickMove R stick
Select kick takerHold R2Hold RT
Apply shot powerHold OHold B
Finesse shotR1 + ORB +B
Chip shotL1 + OLB + B
Aim indicator on/offD-pad upD-pad up
Goalkeeper move side to side (defence)L + directionL + direction
Goalkeeper dive (defence)R + directionR + direction
Goalkeeper gestures (defence)X/O/▢/△A/B/X/Y

Similarly to free kicks, penalties in FIFA 20 also include the introduction of the new aiming circle when deciding where to place your shot. Other than the new aiming system, penalty controls are unchanged from last year.

New Penalty Mechanic

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The new penalty mechanic requires you to aim (L stick) before powering up your shot (O/B) and then holding your aim in place until your player shoots.


Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Aim kickL stickL stick
Lob crossX
Apply kick powerHold ▢Hold X
Aim indicator on/offD-pad upD-pad up
Display corner tacticsD-pad downD-pad down
Run far postD-pad down then upD-pad down then up
Edge of box runD-pad down then rightD-pad down then right
Crowd the goalkeepersD-pad down then leftD-pad down then left
Run near postD-pad down then downD-pad down then down

Corners are unchanged from FIFA 19, so make sure you know which moves work. The run near post (D-pad down then down) is still ultra-effective, with a ball with two-and-a-half bars of power to the near stick often resulting in a free header.

Run Near Post Corner

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Push down twice on the D-pad to select the run near post corner tactic, then whip the ball in to your runner.

Throw ins 

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Move along lineMove L stickMove L stick
Short throw inXA
Short throw in (manual)Y
Long throw in▢/press + hold XX/press + hold A
Fake throw▢ + X or X + ▢X then A or A then X
Switch to receiverR stickR stick

Not much needs to be said for throw ins, but try to take them as quickly as possible. A quick pass back to the thrower will ensure you keep possession, but if the opportunity isn’t there use the switch to receiver action (L1/LB) to move away from the defender.

Switch to Receiver

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Flick the R stick to the player you want to control and then tap X/A when you want to make the throw.


Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Quick substitutesHold R2 then XHold RT then A
Display attacking tacticsD-pad upD-pad up
Get in the boxD-pad up then upD-pad up then up
Attacking full backsD-pad up then rightD-pad up then right
Hug sidelineD-pad up then leftD-pad up then left
Extra strikerD-pad up then downD-pad up then down
Display defending tacticsD-pad downD-pad down
Striker drop backD-pad down then upD-pad down then up
Team pressD-pad down then rightD-pad down then right
Overload ball sideD-pad down then leftD-pad down then left
Offside trapD-pad down then downD-pad down then down

Tactics had a huge overhaul for FIFA 19 and remain unchanged in FIFA 20, so make sure you are clued up on what each of the tools do. If you find yourself lacking width, you can get your wide men to "hug the sideline" (D-pad up then left), allowing you to get around the back of your opponents. 

Need a goal? Try the "extra striker" (D-pad up then down) tactic to get an extra body in the box, whilst "get into the box" (D-pad up then up) will flood the area with your midfielders.

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Defensively, you can get the "striker to drop back" (D-pad down then up) to tighten up your midfield. If you want to close your opponents down, use "team press" (D-pad down then right) with "overload ball side" (D-pad down then left) to smother your opponents on the flank.

Get in the Box Tactic

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Flood the area with your midfielders by selecting the "get into the box" tactic (D-pad up then up)

Volta Specific Controls

Action PS4 controls Xbox One controls
Simple Skill MovesL2 + R2 + L directionLT + RT + L direction
Simple FlicksClick R3 + L DirectionClick right stick + L Direction
TauntsStand by ball + L1 or R2Stand by ball + LB or RT
Hard Tackle 

These additional controls can only be used in VOLTA, FIFA 20’s new street football game mode.

Simplified skill moves (L2+R2 + L direction/ LT+RT + L direction) allows you to beat a defender with a random skill without having to learn a specific move. This adds to the arcade-style feel of VOLTA and is handy when you have to act fast.

click to enlarge

Simple flicks (Click R3 + L Direction/ Click right stick + L Direction) are helpful in getting past a defender in a confined space, whilst hard tackles (▢/X) allow you to lunge towards an opponent and dispossess them.

VOLTA mode also has taunts (Stand by ball + L1/B or R2/RT). These don’t offer any tactical advantage, but who doesn’t love a bit of showboating?

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