FIFA 20 Controls: How to score long shots according to a pro

Welcome to the ninth instalment in our series of 10 tutorial articles from FIFA pro club Hashtag United. This week Hashtag Shawrey is here with his tips on how to score long shots.

Scoring long shots on FIFA 20 is not an essential skill in which you NEED on FIFA 20. However, having it in your arsenal will make you an even more diverse and dangerous player on the pitch.

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You’ll be more unpredictable, more clinical and as a result of it, you’re more likely to win more games.

Finding the right Stats

To master this skill, there is only one stat you really need to focus on (if you haven’t guessed already) and that is the SHOOTING statistic.

This category is broken down into 6 different categories: Positioning, Finishing, Shot Power, Long Shots, Volleys and Penalties.

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The main one to look at is obviously the ‘long shots’. I would recommend players with that stat at 80 or above for maximum conversion rates.

You also want to use a player with above average curve stats. This is especially important for finesse shots as it ensures the ball will curl in to the top corner.

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A perfect example of somebody with perfect stats would be Lionel Messi. His base card has 93 curve and he also possesses the finesse shot trait, making him EVEN MORE likely to convert his attempts. 

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However, even though this is recommended, it is not mandatory. You may find with experimentation that players with lower shooting stats can still score long shots (shots outside of the box).

Angling your shot

The main aspect of scoring goals outside of the box is the angle in which you execute the shot. This is what determines whether or not you score a goal.

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Shooting near post this Fifa is extremely over powered, i would recommend aiming near post unless the opponent starts moving their keeper. If they do start moving their keeper you want to shoot ACROSS the keeper, into the far corner.


An important factor in the aiming of your shot, counts on the direction of the left stick (LS) when you are powering up your attempt on goal.

You want to aim the stick into the far side of the goal (45 degree angle bottom left if you are shooting to the left and a 45 degree angle bottom right if you are shooting to the right). 


In terms of power, you want to use a maximum of three bars. Going beyond this threshold will result in the ball flying over the bar and into the crowd.

Three bars of power gives the ball enough velocity to hit the target before the goalkeeper can reach it and gives the ball enough power to rise and dip into the back of the net. 

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The same goes with finesse shots outside of the box. Although they are harder to score this year, when you get the space, it is worth it.

Don't force it

Space is absolutely vital when taking these shots. If you are challenged or under pressure, the shot attempt will be weaker and more likely to go wayward and off-target. If you haven't got the time and space, don't shoot.


In conclusion, it’s all about experimentation. With the game mechanics changing constantly, there are always new things to try such as combinations, angles etc.

Once you master the basics and become more lethal from outside of the box, the game will become easier for you, and you will begin to see things you never noticed before (i.e how close the opposition’s defender needs to be to you in order to affect your shot accuracy/conversion rate).

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However, to succeed in Ultimate Team, it’s vital you set up in the right formation, as well as sign the right players.

With so many formations to choose from, setting up your team in FIFA 20 can seem a little overwhelming. 

However, there are more than a handful of easy-to-learn tactics that will help you get the most out of your team in EA’s new game. 

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