FIFA 20: Prime Icon Moments - FIRST 3 CONFIRMED, Release date, explained, card reveal, news & more

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Prime Icon Moments (PIM) is back!

EA confirmed in a tweet yesterday that this unreal line of cards would be returning and revealed the first three!

The PIM cards are upgraded version of Prime Icons, so it's no surprise that they're popular.

Keep reading for the first look at this year's cards and find out more about the special promo.

What are Prime Icon Moments?

As we've already stated, Prime Icon Moments are an upgraded version of Prime Icons.

These cards are based around a specific moment in the Icons career, reflected in their dynamic image.

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PIMs were first introduced in FIFA 19, where a handful of Icons were handed a special card - this year, it looks like every Icon will be given a boosted Moments card.

When will PIMs be released?

These cards will be released at the same time as Ratings Refresh - Friday 14th February at 6pm.

First Three Cards Revealed

prime icon moments revealed fifa 20
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TRIFECTA: The first three PIM cards have been revealed

As you can see, EA have unveiled the first three PIM cards:

  • Ronaldo - 97 OVR
  • Diego Maradona - 99 OVR
  • Johan Cruyff - 96 OVR

It's not easy to decipher which specific moments these cards are based around yet - however, Ronaldo's hairstyle is a pretty obvious giveaway that his PIM card revolves around Brazil's 2002 World Cup win.

Leaked Dynamic Images

Twitter user @FUTJack__ posted all the leaked dynamic images for PIM earlier this week.

prime icon moments leak 1
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prime icon moments leak 2
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prime icon moments leak 3
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STARS OF THRE PAST: There have been 59 dynamic images leaked

As you can see, there have been 59 dynamic images leaked, which revolve around a specific moment in each Icon's career.

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Now in the Database!

A recent Reddit post in the FIFA sub-Reddit revealed Ronaldo's Prime Icon Moments card, which is now in the FUT 20 database!

ronaldo prime icons moments leak
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WORLD CUP WINNER: Ronaldo's PIM card features the Brazilian at the 2002 World Cup

Evidently, the release of these special cards is just around the corner!

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Be sure to bookmark this page as we will cover all the breaking news on Prime Icon Moments as and when it drops.

Check back in for our updates!