FIFA 20: Oldie but Goldie Player Pick SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date, Player Review, Estimated Cost & more

When you’re talking FIFA throwbacks, there’s few better than this.

FIFA 15 LEGEND Gervinho, one third of that nightmare Ivory Coast front three features in this new SBC, as does arguably the best silver card to ever feature in FIFA, Alexander Esswein.

The issue being you can’t have them both! The decision is a tricky one so here is all the key information you need in order to make that choice a little bit easier.

Expiry Date

This ‘Oldie but Goldie’ SBC will expire won’t be around for long! It will expire on Thursday, April 9.

Requirements and Estimated Cost

There is just the one squad which needs to be submitted in order to unlock either Gervinho or Essewein, the requirements are as follows:

Oldie but Goldie

  • Minimum of one Serie A TIM and Bundesliga players
  • Minimum of one TOTW or TOTW Moments players
  • Minimum Squad Rating of 84
  • Minimum Team Chemistry of 80
  • Exactly 11 players in the Squad

TOTAL COST : 50k PS4 / 55k Xbox One

Flashback Gervinho In-Game Stats

Gervinho In Games
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+ 3

Flashback Esswein In-Game Stats

Esswein In Games
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+ 3

Worth it?

100%, for 50k you really can’t complain with this SBC.

Both players play in the top divisions in their nation (Serie A and Bundesliga) and both players have good enough stats to make them a valuable addition to any side.

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Starting with Gervinho, his pace (97) is as ridiculous as you would expect but in addition to that he also has 93 dribbling - including 99 agility - which is so important in FIFA 20. His 89 finishing means he won't have many issues in front of goal.

Esswein Gervinho Promo
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Esswein is also a very good card. His pace (94) is obviously very handy but his physicality, including 94 strength and 94 jumping is going to make him very difficult to knock off the ball. His 99 longshots will throw you all the way back to those FIFA 13 days.

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All-in-all, for around the 50k mark this is a very worthwhile SBC. Go and snap it up whilst you can.

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