*UPDATED* FIFA 20 Pitch Notes: Improved online connectivity - Division Rivals patch

An topic of ongoing debate in regards to FIFA gameplay is the issues with online connectivity. Online gameplay has become the dominant aspect of recent FIFA titles, with Ultimate Team being the most popular game mode of all time.

Therefore, EA have opted for a transparent approach when it comes to solving connectivity issues so that all players are aware of what the game developers are working on.

Having first shared their responsiveness efforts in FIFA 19, the most recent Pitch Notes address what the EA team is working on for FIFA 20.

Keep reading for a breakdown of what EA are working on.

What EA are working on

The latest Pitch Notes reveal that EA are working on thew following online connectivity issues. However, the game developers also state that they are not the only factors they're working on.

Button Responsiveness

This is in reference to how quickly the game responds to your inputs. Sometimes referred to as "input lag or delay", this can be a real pain when in the midst of a heated encounter.

Input Loss

This is why an input is performed correctly on a controller, but is not reflected in-game. Essentially this is when your buttons don't register, which would likely result in some catastrophic mistakes.

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GAME CHANGER: Online responsiveness is key, especially when timing a tackle

Game Speed

Game speed issues are when the online gameplay does not appear to be running at the expected speed. Evidently, this would take away from the authentic footballing feel of the game.

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Temporary Freezing

Obviously this refers to when online gameplay freezes for a certain amount of time. Probably one of the most infuriating issues in the game, it's good to hear EA are trying to tackle this.

The Matchmaking System

In October, EA made a modification to the matchmaking system in FUT. This change was targeted to help increase the quality of online matches by updating rules around acceptable ideal ping thresholds.

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There have already been some initial ping improvements across matches globally, with EA stating they will continue to make adjustments as needed. 

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MEET YOUR MATCH: Being paired with an opponent with high latency massively improves the online experience

Connectivity Investigations and Testing

To work on online issues, EA need to get a better understanding of any connectivity problems. To do this, they are using two main investigations techniques.

Live Testing

Some connectivity and responsiveness solutions require live testing in order to gain a real-world understanding of their impact.

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EA are in the process of setting up and conducting this testing with limited groups of key players, which will provide them with valuable data.

Game Responsiveness Surveys

EA are continuing to capture data through Gameplay Responsiveness surveys to better assist in latency investigations. Their most recent survey happened last week, and it is the third time they've run one like this since launch. 

Since releasing the Pitch Notes, EA have shared the following news on their @EAFIFADirect Twitter page.

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So it looks like good news for all you Ultimate Team players! Division Rivals matches may take a little longer to set up, but it'll all be worth it for improved connectivity with your opposition.

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It's worth noting that to succeed in Ultimate Team, it’s vital you set up in the right formation, as well as have smooth online connectivity.

With so many formations to choose from, setting up your team in FIFA 20 can seem a little overwhelming. 

However, there are more than a handful of easy-to-learn tactics that will help you get the most out of your team in EA’s new game. 

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