FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get TOTT Munir - SBCs, cost & full review

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Last week, EA released their Team of the Group Stage squad, made up of a bunch of boosted cards for Europe's most talented players.

A recent tweet announced that the latest addition to the European boosted FUT squad is none other than Sevilla winger, Munir.

Keep reading for his SBCs, estimated cost and full review of his card.

TOTGS Munir's SBCs

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To redeem the Spaniard’s boosted FUT card, there is just one SBC you need to complete.

1. Exchange a squad featuring players from La Liga

Estimated Cost: 21.7k PS4 / 22.6k Xbox One 

Minimum players from La Liga: One

Minimum squad rating: 83

Minimum team chemistry: 70

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TOTGS Munir Review

With a lack of left wing options on this year's FIFA, a new card in this position is always highly anticipated. Munir's card is relatively cheap, with just one SBC to complete, but is he worth your efforts?

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In the modern game, wingers are required to cut in and provide an attacking threat and help out in defence - all this, plus they must possess the conventional skills of beating defenders out wide and finding a cross in to central attackers.

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Munir won't be bullying defenders, possessing just 69 strength and 60 aggression - however, his 88 acceleration and 87 sprint speed means there aren't too many players faster than him, whilst his 77 stamina ensures he'll be able to maintain his 'A' game for the majority of the 90 minutes.


Munir's dribbling ability makes up for his lack of strength and aggression. Combine his high pace stats with his 87 agility, 85 balance and 84 dribbling and it's clear that the winger will cause defenders some serious issues on the left channel.

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As we've mentioned, wingers are expected to create and instigate plays from their channel, so it's vital they have some decent passing stats. Munir is let down by his 66 long passing, but he can link up well with his 86 short passing. In addition, the spaniard's 78 crossing and 87 curve means he'll be able to whip in some decent balls.


Mania's defensive stats aren't great. with his interceptions, standing tackles and sliding tackles all below 30 rated, you're going to ensure you play a quality left back behind him, otherwise you may be exposed down your left channel.

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Mania's shooting stats are solid. The spaniard has 84 positioning so he'll get in to some dangerous position, before utilising his 84 finishing and 86 volleys to convert his chances. The only issue is Munir is left footed and has a three star weak foot. Evidently, this is going to cause issues if you play him on the left wing as his ability to cut in and shoot will be impaired.


For his value, Munir is decent. Some gamers may complain that he isn't worth the 20k+ SBC cost, but at the end of the day, this is one of the cheapest SBC players that you can redeem.

In terms of fitting him in to your squad, you may be better off playing Munir on the right wing if you intend to use him as a goal-attacking threat - this way he can cut in on to his strong left foot and utilise his 84 finishing.


If you have a La Liga squad, completing this SBC makes sense - if not, Munir makes a decent super sub if he can't fit in to your first team.

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However, to succeed in Ultimate Team, it's vital you set up in the right formation, as well as sign the right players.

With so many formations to choose from, setting up your team in FIFA 20 can seem a little overwhelming. 

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