FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: The Best 90k Squad - In-form Vardy, Martial, Pepe & more

Taking advantage of the abundance of excellent Premier League cards in FUT this year, we built you a new team that offers pace, strength and versatility without putting too much of a dent in that coin balance. Let’s see what it looks like…


We set up our new squad in the 4-3-2-1 formation, with the LF and RF positions.

Jordan Pickford (OVR 83)

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Age: 25

Position: GK 

Club: Everton

Country: England

Best stats: 86 reflexes, 87 kicking, 82 positioning

Cost: 3,200 PS4 / 3,900 Xbox One

Everton and England’s number one, Jordan Pickford is fast becoming one of the best keepers in the country since he left Sunderland for Goodison Park in 2017.

Pickford’s 83-rated gold card is very competent, and at below 4,000 coins he is a total bargain. Not as good as top tier cards like Oblak and Ter Stegen, but certainly the ‘best of the rest’ when it comes to shot-stoppers in FIFA 20.

Joe Gomez (OVR 80)

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Age: 22

Position: CB

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best stats: 85 sprint speed, 81 interceptions, 82 standing tackle

Cost: 950 PS4 / 1,000 Xbox One

Joe Gomez has been on the cusp of the Liverpool first team for the past 18 months, stepping up to cover both CB and RB positions when called upon. Versatile and technically very good, Gomez is sure to be a permanent fixture in the first team in the near future.

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Gomez’ 80-rated gold card is great. Not the most impressive in terms of stats at first glance, this card really does over perform in-game. 85 sprint speed means he’s faster than most, and 81 interceptions and 82 standing tackle means he’s defensively solid when needed.

Davinson Sanchez (OVR 83)

Age: 23

Position: CB

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: Columbia

Best stats: 86 sliding tackle, 84 standing tackle, 87 aggression

Cost: 4,900 PS4 / 6,200 Xbox One

Davinson Sanchez has been at the heart of Spurs’ defence since his arrival from Ajax in 2017. Considering his physical stature and on-pitch maturity, it’s easy to forget Sanchez is only 23.

This card is fantastic. Not that fast, but most certainly one of the strongest in this position. Boost his card with a Shadow and you’ll see his pace increase to 86, and his defence to 91. A real ‘meta’ card that will thwart almost any opposition attacking threat.

Jerome Roussillon (OVR 82)

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Age: 26

Position: LB

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Country: France

Best stats: 87 acceleration, 90 sprint speed, 84 stamina

Cost: 3,400 PS4 / 3,800 Xbox One

Jerome Roussillon joined Wolfsburg last season from Montpellier on a four-year-deal. Since his arrival at The Wolves he has fast become a fan favourite for his unique style of defensive play.

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Roussillon’s FUT card is great, and is another one that at first glance, does not seem that impressive. Don’t let his stats fool you though, he is great. 89 pace means he’s lightning fast, and with 84 stamina and 80 dribbling, he will run up and down the pitch with ease and finesse. Boost with an Anchor for this card’s best stats.

Hector Bellerin (OVR 80)

Age: 24

Position: RB

Club: Arsenal

Country: Spain

Best stats: 94 acceleration, 90 sprint speed, 80 sliding tackle

Cost: 2,000 PS4 / 2,500 Xbox One

Bellerin is a bit of a cult hero at Arsenal. The young Spaniard is perhaps best known for his incredibly convincing North London accent.

Bellerin in FUT is great. Again, his card is not the most impressive in terms of all-round stats, but he simply has the number where they matter. 94 acceleration and 90 sprint speed make him one of the fastest right backs in the game, and with 80 sliding tackle he is great for tracking back for that last gasp challenge.

Boost Bellerin’s dribbling, defending and physical with a Sentinel for best stat boost distribution.

Moussa Sissoko (OVR 81)

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Age: 30

Position: CM

Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Country: France

Best stats: 91 stamina, 90 strength, 85 sprint speed

Cost: 3,800 PS4 / 3,100 Xbox One

Sissoko is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. Since his arrive at White Heart Lane in 2016, he has played over 100 games for Spurs and made himself a pivotal part of their recent successful spell.

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Sissoko in FUT, is one of the best base gold cards in the game. He is simply brilliant. He is fast, strong, defensively solid, and under 4k. Deploy with a Powerhouse or a Shadow and enjoy.

Fabinho (OVR 85)

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Age: 26

Position: CDM

Club: Liverpool

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 88 interceptions, 88 stamina, 86 standing tackle

Cost: 14,000 PS4 / 18,250 Xbox One

Even while playing in France at Monaco, Fabinho was considered one of the best defensive midfielders. Since joining Liverpool in 2018 his reputation has only grown under the stewardship of Jurgen Klopp.

Fabinho is a solid choice at CDM. He is fast enough to break up play, and strong enough to bully the opposition midfield and attack. Equip him with a Shadow and he becomes a real defensive monster. 

Georginio Wijnaldum (OVR 84)

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Age: 29

Position: CM

Club: Liverpool

Country: Netherlands

Best stats: 85 dribbling, 93 stamina, 85 short passing

Cost: 6,000 PS4 / 6,400 Xbox One

Wijnaldum will be forever remembered for his dramatic goals against Barcelona at Anfield in last season’s Champions League. Scoring minutes after he came on as a substitute in the second half, then scoring a second to equalise, Wijnaldum has well and truly written his name into the long, rich history of Liverpool FC.

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In FUT, Wijnaldum is much like he is in real life. A true box-to-box midfielder with no discernible flaws as in his game. With every base stat above 69, he can contribute to your side’s offence and defence at ease. Equip with an Engine and boost his pace, dribbling and passing. 

Anthony Martial (OVR 83)

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Age: 23

Position: LW

Club: Manchester United

Country: France

Best stats: 88 acceleration, 89 sprint speed, 82 finishing

Cost: 6,300 PS4 / 7,000 Xbox One

Martial has never quite met expectations, in terms of form, since he arrived in Manchester from Monaco in 2015. He has often shown glimpses of what he has in his arsenal, but has failed to really find consistent form that the Old Trafford fans expect.

In FUT however, his card is very consistent, offering pace, dribbling and passing from a wide-left position. 88 acceleration and 89 sprint speed allow him to get in behind with ease, and his 82 positioning and finishing make him a threat inside the box. Deploy with a Sniper to boost his shooting and dribbling to 89 and 94.

Joshua King (OVR 84)

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Age: 32

Position: ST

Club: Leicester

Country: England

Best stats: 90 sprint speed, 89 positioning, 88 finishing, 88 shot power

Cost: 28,750 PS4 / 29,000 Xbox One

Every Premier League fan around the world knows about the phenomenal Jamie Vardy. Leicester's striker has proven a nightmare for English defences over the last few seasons, and now his side are sitting at second in the table!

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In FIFA 20, Vardy's base card is dangerous enough. However, with the budget we have, we can afford to bring in his in form 84 rated card. This boosted card is made up of 90 sprint speed, 89 positioning and 88 finishing, so frankly we can't see many defenders stopping him.

Nicolas Pepe (OVR 83)

Age: 24

Position: RM

Club: Arsenal

Country: Ivory Coast

Best stats: 91 pace, 84 stamina, 91 agility

Cost:  6,000 PS4 / 6,900 Xbox One

Pepe joined Arsenal in for a club transfer record this summer, and whilst not quite hitting the height of form many fans expected, he has shown glimpses of his quality. 

In FUT, Pepe is a really good choice at RF. He is rapid, agile, and deadly in front of goal. Boost his pace and shooting to 91 a piece with a Deadeye, and put defenders on floor with his wicked dribbling skills.

The Full Lineup

This Premier League team offers a solid midfield and with a forward three with pace to burn. The defence is strong and fast, allowing you to turn defence into attack with ease, and with a versatile line-up, it allows you the flexibility experiment with different formation in-game, such as the 4-2-3-1 and any of the 4-3-3 variations.

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We play with a flat middle 3 allowing us to take advantage of the box-to-box traits of players like Wijnaldum and Sissoko, with Fabinho taking over defensive duties as a holding midfielder.

For best in-game performances, set Fabinho to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Centre. Set Martial and Pepe to Cut Inside and Get In Behind, and as always, set Roussillon and Bellerin to Stay Back While Attacking. 

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However, to succeed in Ultimate Team, it’s vital you set up in the right formation, as well as sign the right players.

With so many formations to choose from, setting up your team in FIFA 20 can seem a little overwhelming. 

However, there are more than a handful of easy-to-learn tactics that will help you get the most out of your team in EA’s new game. 

Follow this link for a run through of the seven best formations that FIFA 20 has to offer.

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