FIFA 21 Career Mode: BIG changes everyone wants to see and how likely it is that they'll see them

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FIFA 21 is slated for release this year. However this year isn't just any year - it's the year of the next generation. The PS5 and Xbox Series X, are coming, so FIFA has a lot to live up to.

Whilst FIFA fans are in the millions and have some somewhat 'heated' opinions on playing styles, players and teams - one feature of FIFA has most people finding common ground.

FIFA Career mode has been the hot topic of debate, and frustration, for sometime now, even resulting in the Twitter trend #FixCareerMode.

While there were some changes made in the right direction with offline games modes, such as introducing dynamic team morale and manager customisation - they were overshadowed.

Seemingly limitless bugs and glitches rained down like a biblical plague across career mode, fuelling the collective outcry for change to be made.

However, it appears that some players were tired of waiting - and have gone ahead and created their own concepts as to what FIFA Career mode should look like.

But how likely, even possible, are these to make it into the next game?

Keep reading to check it out!

FIFA 21 Career Mode Concept

The new concept was made popular by FIFA Youtuber S2G, who made a video on the fantastic FIFA 21 Career Mode mockups.

They include a few new additions across financial management, staff management and increased club customisation.

Improved Financial Management

This first screenshot reveals an idea that would revolutionise FIFA Career Mode. The ability to sign sponsorship deals alone would be phenomenal.

fifa 21 career mode concept 1
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MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS: More control over your finances would definitely make the game more realistic

Whereas a Debts & Loans section would certainly make the game mode more realistic and a little more challenging.

Increased Staff Management

The ability to manage staff would also make for a much more immersive experience.

fifa 21 career mode concept 2
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MICROMANAGE: Increased staff management would be a great addition

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Perhaps improved negotiation would the board, to discuss which goals are achievable, would also make for an interesting development?

Custom Kit Design

These last screenshots have to be the most exciting ideas of the lot. Such a basic addition, but how great would it be if you could customise your kits each year?

fifa 21 career mode concept 3
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FEELING FRESH: Customisable kits would be an insane addition

Taking to the pitch in a new kit every year would certainly keep things fresh.

fifa 21 career mode concept 4
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CUSTOM CLUB: These features would allow you to make the club your own

The concept also allows for customisation of stadiums, crests and club chants - this really is the update that every FIFA fan is craving.

Evidently, there's a ton of new features that could invigorate Career Mode.

Why EA could not allow kit customisation

Kit customisation would be a welcome addition to FIFA Career Mode, and it sounds simple enough, especially considering that custom skins are a common trait in pretty much every video game nowadays.

The problem comes with licensing issues, and the whole host of complications it would open up for EA.

Whilst the idea is fantastic, and would certainly be a welcome addition, implementing the feature could be incredibly challenging.

With FIFA's track record when it comes to implementing change in career mode...they may give it a miss.

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