Reddit community furious with latest FIFA update

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The latest FIFA 21 Title Update is now available on PC, and will likely follow shortly on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Title Update #11 has left FIFA fans disappointed though, with some major problems not addressed.

Take a look at some of the fixes and complaints below.

Title Update #11

Title Update #11 was released on Tuesday, 23 February on PC only.

The update should be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later this week.

There are changes to Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA and some general fixes too, but this has left two noticeable absentees.

There are no patch notes for any fixes to Pro Clubs or the gameplay, which has left FIFA fans less than pleased.

Pro Clubs neglected

For weeks now there has been a formation bug on FIFA 21 Pro Clubs, and this fix still has not been addressed.

"Can they please fix the Pro Clubs formation bug? Been broken for weeks now, and this is now the second patch since then that hasn't addressed it," said Reddit user Eddie5pi.

pro clubs formation and tactics fifa 21
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FRUSTRATION - Formations will not change on the home screen

The issue also impacts in-game too, as the AI players do not reflect the positions you require on the pitch.

"As club captain I don't get to play the first 5-10 minutes of the game moving everyone to their correct positions," said another user, Ruben_Often_Cheats.

Safe to say, Pro Clubs players are not happy with EA's neglection of the game mode.

No gameplay updates

The gameplay on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team has come under fire in recent weeks with players criticising the speed and style of the game.

Certain formations and tactics have become almost unbeatable, and frankly quite dull.

fifa 21 next gen graphics
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OVERPOWERED - Certain aspects of the game still need adjusting

"Ah yes nothing changes. Guess the five at the back, long-ball Varane go go gadget will continue," remarked Geeman447.

With no updates to the gameplay made in Title Update #11, we will have to wait a bit lomger for any gameplay fixes on FUT 21.

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