Squad players are vital in FIFA 21 Icon Swap objectives

Icon Swaps 2 are coming to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team in Season 4, but what will you need to help you complete all the objectives?

We have an idea of what is coming in set 2 as it will likely be similar to the first set of Icon Swap objectives.

Take a look at what to expect this time below.

Release Date

EA has confirmed that Icon Swaps 2 will arrive on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team on Friday, 19 February.

We will likely see six Icon players available to unlock, along with several different packs too.

What are the objectives?

Although not confirmed for Icon Swaps 2, the objectives will likely require playing in Live FUT Friendlies and Squad Battles.

We have seen new Live FUT Friendlies introduced by EA in the past. These were called 'One League' and 'One Nation', and they were fairly self-explanatory.

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ON THE WAY - Icon Swaps 2 is coming soon to FUT 21

The Squad Battles were the tough grind as you need to win 30 games in total, and there is no 'Golden Goal' to help you on your way.

These could be combined in the last set of Icon Swap token objectives though, allowing you to complete the objectives in less than the 30 games it should have taken.

What do you need?

Keep as many players in your club as you can, you just might need them.

Some of the objectives required several 'first-owned' players, so you can't just buy the required squad.

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NATIONAL PRIDE - We could see a German One Nation objective

SBC players are useful in this aspect, and they are high-rated too.

We expect some objectives to require nationalities, with Germany and France our prediction for a 'One Nation' reward.

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