Here's when the Summer Stars cards will be released in Ultimate Team

The Festival of FUTball promo continues this week, with Summer Stars set to join the party!

So, check out when the FOF Summer Stars cards will arrive in Ultimate Team below.

When will Summer Stars cards be released?

The latest loading screen has confirmed that the Summer Stars will land in Ultimate Team on Friday, 2 July, at approximately 6pm BST / 1pm ET.

summer stars fifa 21
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COMING SOON - Summer Stars will be joining FUT 21 soon

We can expect the new cards next week, so get ready for plenty of loading screens teasing what is to come.

Whether this is a one off squad to celebrate the Group Stage we aren't sure, but that would leave room for another squad to be released as a Team of the Knockout Stage in July.

How do Summer Stars cards work?

We have confirmation that Summer Stars will be added to Ultimate Team during Festival of FUTball, so how will they work?

A passage from PlayStation's FIFA 21 page reads as follows:

The top individual performers during this month of play will be featured in Summer Stars, where eligible players will receive large permanent upgrades based on how they compete for their team.
fifa 21 festival of futball summer stars
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UP NEXT - Summer Stars could be the next arrival

To us, this looks like a Team of the Group Stage type squad as it appears to be based on performance.

Large permanent upgrades also suggest an in-form style card, so we are certainly excited to see what EA produces.

Festival of FUTball Team 2

The second set of Path to Glory cards is out now in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

path to glory team 2
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BALLERS - Hazard is this week's top prize

There are some great cards available too, so good luck in your Preview Packs!

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