FIFA 22: Alfredo Di Stefano to be released as first ever dual nationality Icon

EA has added a brand new Prime Icon to the database in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it looks like history is about to be made with this particular addition!

Find out which Icon is set to be released in FUT 22 and how his different versions could look in-game.

Di Stefano in the database!

Multiple sources have revealed that Alfredo Di Stefano is now in the Ultimate Team database!

In fact, you can actually search for Di Stefano in Ultimate Team by going to concept players or on the transfer market, although nothing will appear.

Di Stefano did already have his base and mid versions in the database, but EA has recently added his prime.

So, could this also mean that EA is preparing to release more Prime ICONs in the Title Update 3.1? We think so!

Alfredo Di Stefano's prime Icon is rated at a high 92 OVR, so, what did the legend actually achieve in his career?

Real Madrid legend

Alfredo Di Stefano, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 88, was an Argentine-born professional footballer and coach, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

During his time at Real Madrid, di Stefano amassed an insane 266 goals in 344 matches as Madrid claimed eight league titles and five European titles.

He is also part of an elite club that has represented two different national teams having played for both Argentina and Spain (scoring for both too).

Dual nationality ICON?

With Alfredo Di Stefano representing two different countries at national level, could we see his different Icon versions with different nationalities in FIFA 22?

Jake_FUTTrading on Twitter has mocked up a concept of how this would look in Ultimate Team.

You may know that there is already an existing Icon player that has played for two international teams.

Lethal striker Ferenc Puskas represented both Hungary and Spain, yet all his Icon cards are from Hungary.

Puskas only made four appearances for Spain late on in his career and did not score, whereas Di Stefano made six appearances for Argentina early on in his career, scoring six goals!

Di Stefano then went on to score 23 goals in 31 matches for Spain, so EA surely can't ignore his contributions to either country?

A dual nationality Icon is a big step for EA, as it would be a first in Ultimate Team history but we'd absolutely love to see it!

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