FIFA 22: Beginner's Guide to Ultimate Team - Signing A Superstar

FIFA 22 may be deep into its season, but that doesn't mean there aren't those that are dipping their toes in for the very first time.

In this series, accumulated over the coming weeks and months, we follow one team, No Clue FC - guided by the RealSport101 team - in their quest to dominate FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

This week, following a brief foray into the weekend league, a brand new superstar has joined No Clue FC.

Behind Closed Doors

It was another streamless week for No Clue FC, as the gaffer rested his weary legs following a hectic period.

However, plenty has gone on behind the scenes, with No Clue FC dipping their toes in the FUT Champs pool for the very first time.

Facing teams filled with Icons and special cards, No Clue were certainly up against it.

Dominant performances from Ronaldinho and the brand new End of an Era Jermain Defoe card allowed No Clue FC to compete, with mid-rank achieved at the end of the 20 games.

With 30,000 coins added to the war chest and some lacklustre pack pulls, No Clue FC found themselves with some money to spend, meaning some much-needed upgrades could be made to the squad.


You may have guessed already, but a certain CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the latest addition to No Clue FC.

The Portuguese sensation was signed for a little under 70,000 coins, with the footballing legend leading the line with another new signing, Future Stars Joao Pedro.

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NEW LOOK - No Clue FC is looking better than ever

Whilst these upgrades may not appear too vast, they are certainly worlds away from the squad that No Clue FC started with.

As you can see, a number of changes have been made across the board, but we're not done yet.

Moving Forward

As FIFA 22's season draws to a close, with Team of the Season just around the corner, No Clue FC doesn't have much time if they're going to reach the pinnacle of Ultimate Team.

With new objective players - most likely team of the season cards - set to be released in the coming weeks, there's certainly scope for some brand new superstars to be added to the squad.

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THE BIG ONE - No Clue FC have taken their first steps into the Weekend League

With Ronaldinho the star of the show, maybe it's time to branch into a different league? Or maybe there are some interesting challenges we can undertake before FIFA 22 slows down for another year.

Let us know what you would like to see happen in the upcoming weeks and be sure to stay tuned to our Twitch channel to find out what happens next in No Clue FC's journey to the top in FIFA 22.

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