FIFA 22 Best Bargain Buys: Sign top talent for cheap and save millions in Career Mode

FIFA 22 Career Mode will test not just your playing ability and tactical prowess, but also how well you manage your budget to build your side.

Regardless of the size of the club, we're always keeping an eye out for the best bargain buys around, whether that be an established player, an ageing pro, or a wonderkid.

Read on to find out some of the best bargain buys on FIFA 22 Career Mode to save your club some much-needed cash.

Top-quality wonderkids

Usually, you can find many great bargains when looking at wonderkids.

This year, there are so many brilliantly talented wonderkids around that you'll have to look a bit deeper than just the best wonderkids to find a cheap option, with many teenagers getting regular first-team action already.

If you search for players of a specific position such as wonderkid left-wingers, or by nationality, such as French wonderkids, you are much more likely to find a cheaper option who still has great potential.

Investing early in wonderkids can mean you pay a lot less for the next top talent, and if they don't fit your team you can always sell them on for massive profit.

What makes a bargain buy?

Nearly all the players on this list will have a market value of less than £20 million.

You may be able to get a deal for less, potentially more, but none should see you priced out of a deal.

They will also all be able to have an influence on your team from the moment you buy them, whether that is by slotting into your starting XI, coming on as a super-sub, or being a quality cup player.

Kylian Mbappe (OVR 91 - POT 95)

Age: 22

Position(s): ST, LW

Club: PSG

Value: £169 million (Release clause: £321 million)

Wage: £198,000 a week

Ok, let's start off with a deal that doesn't fit the bill for what we described.

Kylian Mbappe would usually incur a massive transfer fee, but luckily for us, he will become a free agent after the first season when his contract expires in 2022.

If you can afford his wages, make sure you don't miss out on signing him.

Manuel Neuer (OVR 90 - POT 90)

Age: 35

Position(s): GK

Club: Bayern Munich

Value: £12 million (Release clause: £19 million)

Wage: £74,000 a week

You can usually find a good deal when looking for older players, and Manuel Neuer offers just that.

He is one of the best keepers on the game, so if you're looking for someone to keep guard for a couple of seasons whilst a youngster comes through, this would be a great option.

He has a cheap value, but a higher wage, which may put you off.

Adama Traore (OVR 78 - POT 81)

Age: 25

Position(s): RW, RWB

Club: Wolves

Value: £16 million (Release clause: £31 million)

Wage: £68,000 a week

Adama Traore is an absolute beast to play with, as many FUT players will testify, and is one of the fastest players in the game.

96 PAC, 86 DRI, and 87 Strength let you beat defenders with ease, either by blazing past them, outmanoeuvring them with tricky footwork, or just steamrolling through them!

Wolves have been an easy club to do business with in past games, so you should be able to get him for less than the release clause.

Breel Embolo (OVR 77 - POT 82)

Age: 24

Position(s): ST, CAM

Club: Borussia Monchengaldbach

Value: £14 million (Release clause: £24 million)

Wage: £23,000 a week

A power player, Breel Embolo has great pace to support his strength.

He always feels really good to play with in-game, especially when his stats start getting little boosts.

It may be worth trying to organise a player swap deal with a low sum of money to keep the asking price down.

Pedro De la Vega (OVR 74 - POT 85)

Age: 20

Position(s): RW, LW, RM

Club: Lanus

Value: £8.2 million (Release clause: £14 million)

Wage: £11,000 a week

Pedro De la Vega can be brought for cheap as he isn't from one of the big leagues.

With a potential of 85 OVR, he will surely be getting into your first team in the future, but in the meantime, he definitely won't feel out of place filling in when needed.

86 PAC and 82 Stamina means he can easily keep up with the speed of the game, and with 76 DRI he can take on defenders to create chances for your team.

Rayan Cherki (OVR 73 - POT 88)

Age: 17

Position(s): RM

Club: Lyon

Value: £6 million (Release clause: £15 million)

Wage: £5,000 a week

Ryan Cherki is a cheap wonderkid right-midfielder, who could become one of the best in the game.

He already has great dribbling ability and is agile enough to weave between defenders.

Cherki can easily play a squad role in his first couple of seasons before impacting on the first team.

Karim Adeyemi (OVR 73 - POT 86)

Age: 19

Position(s): ST

Club: Red Bull Salzburg

Value: £6.5 million (Release clause: £14 million)

Wage: £12,000 a week

Karim Adeyemi will disrupt defences with his 92 PAC, getting in behind with ease.

The wonderkid striker is not just about his pace though, as he already has 77 DRI and 75 Finishing, to complement his great speed.

He can be used as a super-sub but also has the ability to play from the start, and will only improve, with a potential rating of 86 OVR.

Devyne Rensch (OVR 73 - POT 85)

Age: 18

Position(s): RB

Club: Ajax

Value: £6 million (Release clause: £9.6 million)

Wage: £3,000 a week

With a potential of 85 OVR, Devyne Rensch is a wonderkid right-back who could become one of the best around.

He has the legs to fill in for the time being as a very capable back-up to your regular RB, and with 71 DRI and 72 Short Passing, he will be comfortable on the ball playing out from the back.

Youssoufa Moukoko (OVR 69 - POT 89)

Age: 16

Position(s): ST

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Value: £3.3 million (Release clause: £8.8 million)

Wage: £4,000 a week

Get ready for Youssoufa Moukoko to become one of your go-to Career Mode signings.

Not only does he have an outstanding potential rating of 89 OVR, but he is pretty cheap to get hold of.

The icing on the cake is he is already good enough to be impacting on most first teams, a super-sub with 84 PAC, 76 DRI and 75 Finishing who can clinch games in the last few moments, or start when you're fielding a second squad.

Leonidas Stergiou (OVR 67 - POT 86)

Age: 19

Position(s): CB

Club: FC St. Gallen

Value: £2.2 million (Release clause: £4.5 million)

Wage: £2,000 a week

A cheap CB option, Leonidas Stergiou already has great physicality and is decently mobile.

He is capable enough to fill in defensively and can become a key member in the future.

His wage is very low, and even if you have to pay his release clause it won't break the bank.

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