FIFA 22 Career Mode: Best loan players includes recently added WONDERKID

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If you are managing a team with a tight budget, or needing extra reinforcements for the season, finding a good loan deal can help you out of a sticky situation on Career Mode.

You can negotiate how much of the wage split will be with the player's parent club, and add an option-to-buy clause in the deal too.

Read on to find out who the best loan players are on FIFA 22.

Latest news - German Wonderkid finally added

Looking for a star striker but can't afford to splash the cash? Youssoufa Moukoko may well be the player for you.

Starting out with a 69 OVR, Moukoko won't be a fit for the top clubs straight away, but for some of the smaller clubs he can slot straight in.

The 16-year-old has a huge 89 potential too, so if you can sign him on a two-year loan he could be brilliant by the time he has to leave.

We would recommend trying to add a buy clause in the contract before his value rises too high!

Five from our save

These first five players appeared on our Career Mode save.

You may find them on your save too, but there are no guarantees.

Don't expect to find superstars here, they were put up for loan after all!

Joan Garcia (OVR 67)

Position(s): GK

Wage: £3,000 a week

Value: £2.1 million

If your team is lacking a keeper you can trust, Joan Garcia could save you.

His goalkeeping stats are decent all-round, so in lower leagues, he should be more than capable of keeping clean sheets.

He also has a potential of 83 OVR, so it could be worth spending a bit of money on a loan-to-buy deal.

Mattia Viti (OVR 64)

Position(s): CB

Wage: £4,000 a week

Value: £1.1 million

Mattia Viti may not stand out from the crowd, but he can be a reliable presence at the back.

He is 6'3". with 67 PAC and 67 DEF, meaning he can prove difficult to get around.

Chrislain Matsima (OVR 69)

Position(s): CB

Wage: £9,000 a week

Value: £2.7 million

Another tall CB, this time at 6'4", Chrislain Matsima isn't as mobile as you may like, but he can still command the box.

He has 73 Jumping and 81 Strength, making him a towering figure when defending or from set-pieces.

Folarin Balogun (OVR 64)

Position(s): ST

Wage: £9,000 a week

Value: £1.3 million

The Arsenal youngster could find a home at your lower league team for a season.

Folarin Balogun has ok stats all-round, with a bit of pace.

He's not good enough to impact on the higher leagues at the moment but could be very handy for a team with big dreams.

Ragnar Ache (OVR 68)

Position(s): ST

Wage: £9,000 a week

Value: £2.3 million

Ragnar Ache may not be the best-rated, but he has the ability to succeed at most levels thanks to his ariel prowess.

He is 6'0", but has 86 Jumping with good strength and heading accuracy, meaning he can be a threat from crosses and set-pieces.

He also has 81 PAC, so can cause trouble getting behind defences too.

Five of our recommendations

These next five players probably won't be on the loan list, but that doesn't mean you can't try to get them.

They are all players that can have a real impact on most squads, whether coming off the bench, being part of a cup team, or a regular starter.

Their wages shouldn't break the bank, especially if you negotiate well with their parent clubs.

Brian Brobbey (OVR 73)

Position(s): ST

Wage: £27,000 a week

Value: £6.5 million

Brian Brobbey is going to be on many players' radars already, a young striker with great potential, who also happens to be pacey and strong!

He can definitely have an impact in any team, battling against defenders or making runs in behind.

Viktor Tsygankov (OVR 80)

Position(s): RM

Wage: £21,000 a week

Value: £29 million

Viktor Tsygankov is a top player that has a lower wage as he doesn't play in one of the bigger leagues.

You can cash in on this yourself, getting some first-team quality on the cheap.

Owen Wijndal (OVR 79)

Position(s): LB

Wage: £9,000 a week

Value: £22 million

Another top player that has a low wage is Owen Wijndal, who plays in the Eredivisie (you can find a few bargains there).


His attributes are good enough that you can use him anywhere along the left flank and he won't feel out of place.

Mady Camara (OVR 77)

Position(s): CM, CDM

Wage: £23,000 a week

Value: £14 million

A very versatile player, Mady Camara can play any position on the field, making him a great squad player.

Most suited in the centre of the pitch as a box-to-box midfielder, Mady can create chances as well as disrupt the opposition, and may even pop up with some goals.

Adama Traore (OVR 78)

Position(s): RW, RWB

Wage: £68,000 a week

Value: £16 million

We couldn't make this list without including Adama Traore.

Yes, he has a bigger wage than you'd probably like to pay, but he is worth it.

Adama is the second quickest player in the game, with great dribbling and strength.

If you're looking for someone who can make a big impact in games, look no further.