Create your own theatre of dreams in FIFA 22 Career Mode

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FIFA 22 is coming over the horizon!

According to reports, you will now be able to create your own stadium in Career Mode!

So, check out what we know so far below.

Create your OWN stadium in FIFA 22 Career Mode

@FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter has revealed that players will now be able to create their own ideal stadium in FIFA 22 Career Mode!

@FUTZONECENTRAL has been spot on with all his other FIFA 22 leaks, including information on the new leagues which may be coming to the upcoming game.

Manage your club to glory in FIFA 22

It seems even more customisation options will be added to EA's next title!

The Twitter account went on to post a statement saying that gamers will be able to design their own unique kit, stadium and badge.

This will be implemented into FIFA 22 Career Mode, alongside an 'overhauled Player Career Mode that immerses you in your pros journey like never before'.

This information was taken from a screenshot, which can be seen below:

FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist


Take a look at three things we want changing or to be improved on FIFA 22 Career Mode.


One thing we have been wanting for years is the ability to add more levels of customisation - and it looks like it's finally arriving!

fifa career mode concept kit custom
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CONCEPT - We saw this last year so could it happen this time around

From kits to new sponsorship deals, more involvement in the running of the club is a welcome addition to the game.


Another key area we want to see improved is the storylines developed through press conferences and player communication.

These are still painfully repetitive, vague and quite often inaccurate.

Your answers seem to have little bearing on the game either, so it does feel like an add-on that has been forgotten about.

Having your personality shine through on Career Mode would give a more immersive feel to the game and create new problems to solve too.


Jump In

It would be great to be able to ‘jump in’ to Career Mode at the current point of the season.

Say your club has got off to a poor start to the season in real life, can you guide them to safety on FIFA 21?

fifa career mode match screen
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JUMP IN - You can jump in games so why not seasons

Scenario-type setups could be an exciting new way to start career mode.

This could also lead to a more career-led mode, where you must earn the right to manage the big clubs by earning your stripes elsewhere.