FIFA 22: Cheapest way to buy the Ultimate Edition

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition was finally revealed recently, and that means many fans are already looking to pre order and reserve their copy ahead of release.

Don't act too fast though, because we've discovered a method that will net you major savings as the cheapest way to buy the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition!

Cheapest way to buy the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

Kylian Mbappe was finally revealed recently as the cover athlete for FIFA 22, and we also got news abut the Ultimate Edition and many other details about the upcoming title.

Before we get to how you can reduce the price, it's important to know what the standard cost will be for FIFA 22 and the Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Price cheap discount cheapest sale
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POWERED BY FOOTBALL: Mbappe returns as the FIFA cover athlete

The Standard Edition of FIFA 22 will follow past precedent as the current gen versions will be £59.99 / $59.99 and next gen versions will be £69.99 / $69.99.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 will cost £89.99 / $99.99 as a base price, but with a few extra steps you can reduce that price significantly.

This method comes courtesy of Reddit user GetZombified, and one commenter even called it a "crafting method" not unlike the steps taken in some games to make the most out of your in-game resources.

While the original post included an image with steps that rolled in using credit with CD Keys as part of the process, that's not a needed step and this discount is more easily accessible than it appears at first glance.

The first thing you'll need is an EA Play membership, which will cost £3.99 / $4.99 for one month if you aren't already a subscriber, but you'll make that money back via the discount, just make sure to cancel the membership before the month is up if you don't wish to keep it going.

Purchasing FIFA 22 with an active EA Play membership will already net you a 10% savings on the Ultimate Edition, reducing the cost so far to £80.99 / $89.99 and already saving you more than he cost of EA Play's one-month subscription.

To complete the process, you'll need to actually make your purchase from within FIFA 21, so this method is unfortunately not available to those who don't currently own FIFA 21.

Load up your game and you'll notice you can pre order and purchase FIFA 22 from within FIFA 21 for a 10% discount which will stack with your EA Play discount.

Once your order is finalized, you'll have reserved your copy of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition for as little as £72.89 / $80.99, almost as cheap as the next gen Standard Edition.

You can also use CD Keys to get a slight additional discount, but going through CD Keys for this method isn't required and you can still get a significant savings without it.

What do you get with the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition?

If you decide to go ahead and pull the trigger on getting the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22, here are the additional rewards you'll receive:

  • FIFA 22 with Dual Entitlement (either PS4 & PS5 or Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S)
  • FUT Hero Item
  • 4 Days Early Access
  • FUT Ones to Watch Item
  • 4600 FIFA Points
  • TOTW 1 Player & Mbappe Loan Item
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
  • Career Mode Homegrown Talent

If you'd rather not go through the method outlined above, you can pre order now from the Microsoft Store by clicking here or head to the PlayStation store by clicking here.