FIFA 22: Cristiano Ronaldo leaked for Shapeshifters card with 99 OVERALL rating

The Shapeshifters promo has taken over FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with Team 1 currently in packs and Team 2 set to follow soon.

Player position changes are the main theme of the event, which can throw up some whacky new cards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is leaked to gain a Shapeshifters version, so check out his INCREDIBLE predicted card stats below.

GOAT Season

After Lionel Messi made the Team 1 Shapeshifters squad, we were all waiting to see if his GOAT rival Cristiano Ronaldo would be involved in Team 2, and according to prolific leaker Fut Sheriff, he will be!

When Messi was revealed with a predicted 99 OVR rating we were unsure if EA would hand such a high card out, but now they have with him we will surely see CR7 join the 99 Club too.

Obviously, his stats will be insane, with maximum shooting ability set to come, as well as top dribbling, pace and physicality.

He might be let down slightly by lower passing stats, but anywhere around or above the 90 mark is still brilliant!

Now we just have to wait patiently for the card to come to packs, so mark your calendars and set your watches for Friday, 24 June at 1pm ET / 6pm BST!


The Shapeshifters promo was first seen in FIFA 20, although it didn't reappear in FIFA 21, so we already knew what sort of mechanics to expect.

As always, the promo players will receive massive boosts, but they will also have their cards transformed, with changes coming to player positions, work rates, weak foot ability, and updated attributes to better suit their new position.

FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Team 1
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TRANSFORMED TALENT - New positions are the order of the day for this promo

A squad was released into packs, with a couple of objective players made available when the event kicked off, as well as a few SBCs coming throughout the campaign.

Shapeshifters had two squad releases in FIFA 20, and with EA specifying that the recent release was "Shapeshifters Team 1" and the Team 2 leaks coming in, it looks certain that we should see a two-week promo coming again in FIFA 22.

Check out our Shapeshifters Team 2 predictions right here.

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