FIFA 22: FREE Fantasy FUT player glitch is happening again

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The FUT Fantasy promo is coming to the end of its first week in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the Team 1 cards about to rotate out, and Team 2 taking their place.

An unexpected error that saw Christian Eriksen upgraded to a Fantasy FUT version of his card for free kicked off the promo early, and it looks like a similar glitch could be happening again.

Eriksen just the start

Before the Fantasy FUT promo even got underway, the FUT community discovered an unexpected gift in their clubs.

It appeared that anyone with a Christian Eriksen card already in their club had their standard version upgraded to a Fantasy FUT version.

Unfortunately, players weren't able to include Eriksen in their squad, as they were unable to enter matches with him present.

The widespread but welcome glitch was soon addressed by EA, with the company admitting to yet another mistake in Ultimate Team:

"The Brentford 82 OVR version of the Christian Eriksen Player Item was incorrectly updated to the Fantasy FUT version of the Item."

EA fixed the matchmaking issue and anyone who received the 90 OVR Fantasy FUT Eriksen got to keep him in their club, with his base card added back to packs.

The icing on the cake was EA confirming the Fantasy FUT card would still receive any potential upgrades that all of the promo cards could gain.

This means that many players have been gifted a card that could earn a 93 OVR rating!

It's happening again

It could be that the Eriksen glitch was just the start of things, with this Reddit user claiming a similar thing has happened to them, this time with Marcus Rashford.

Some suggested that the original poster must be mistaken, potentially just sending all cards into his club without noticing the Fantasy FUT Rashford was part of the bundle.

However, they claim that isn't the case, and haven't opened any untradable packs in the meantime.

The claim was given further weight when another user posted this:

We have seen mistakes like this from EA before, sometimes issuing standard cards instead of special cards when items haven't been updated in packs.

It looks like that could be the case once again, with any wrongfully issued base cards getting a little upgrade without the owner knowing.

There has been no widespread outcry from the FUT community as of yet, so we're not sure how big of an issue this could turn out to be, or if it even is one at all.


It could be that these users were just oblivious to the fact that they packed the promo cards.

Watch this space, and check out your own club to see if there are any surprises waiting in store!